Content plays a huge role in search engine marketing, since Google, for one, is an avid fan of it. One of the best modes of article marketing is press release.

What is a press release?

A press release is actually a marketing copy. However, it’s completely different from the general articles that you submit to article directories since press releases do not provide broad information about a relevant subject. They talk about your business—perhaps your products or services—through news. They are also not like sales pitches. Your main point in press release is to provide updates about your business or the industry that you’re in, not really to sell a product or a service.

But how does it become effective in selling?

There are a lot of people who read articles online, including press releases. Thus, if you submit your articles to press release websites, you are going to be read by thousands of people all over the world. Moreover, you have a huge chance of appearing in Google and Yahoo News, which have millions of readers every day.

On the other hand, there are countless publishers in the World Wide Web. These are people who gather noteworthy news online and publish them into their own website. This will then become another form of viral marketing for your small-time business. Just imagine getting picked up by at least 5 publishers every day who have 1,000 hits per day. If all of them are going to read your article and click on the link to your website, you will also have 5,000 hits or traffic going to your webpages from these 5 publishers alone.

Press releases are also excellent sources of inbound links, which generally happen when you submit them and when you’re getting linked by online publishers. When you have higher inbound links, you can gain higher PR for your website and better appearance in search results.