Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a method for indexing and retrieving web pages used by major search engines like Google. It is termed Latent Semantic Indexing due to its ability to identify relationship patterns between words and concepts contained in online text, based on the idea that words utilized in similar circumstances share meanings.

The mathematical technique Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is used for Latent Semantic Indexing to identify correlations or patterns. With LSI, keywords contained in content as well as synonyms that may be anticipated to be in the text will be analyzed. For example, if web page content discusses law, then words like “attorneys,” “law firms,” “trial,” or “personal injury” may also be expected to be included in the text and analyzed as well.

LSI is also stated to have the ability to work with more than simply words. It is also capable of processing random or subjective character strings, and adapts automatically to changing terminology. Words that may be misspelled or rendered unreadable due to processes such as speech-to-text conversion and other “noise” can be effectively processed as well. Other types of content LSI can work with includes that contained in emails, lists, ambiguous data, and other items on the Web.

LSI may be used for a variety of purposes, which may vary depending on the type of information retrieved and text processing application used by an individual, organization, or community (i.e government, intelligence agencies, publishers, software engineers, or educators).

Latent Semantic Indexing is sometimes also used interchangeably with Latent Semantic Analysis. In terms of calculating chemical similarity (as opposed to natural language terms), Latent Semantic Structure Indexing is the processed used.

Understanding the process of Latent Semantic Indexing is beneficial for better understanding how popular search engines analyze web page data for ranking, and how to develop websites that receive the most competitive positions in search engine results. An SEO (search engine optimization) specialist can better assist professionals in practically any field in learning how utilizing this process can be of tremendous benefit to their business or organization in terms of Internet marketing or promotion.

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