Five Ways to Ensure That Your Google Places Connection Is Going Somewhere

April 3, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - SEO News)


A number of businesses use Google Places to help them stay connected to prospective and actual customers or clients. However, many are not being found by the masses of people who may be searching for them via Google each day. This may be due to a number of causes including poor search rankings or mismanagement of their Google Places account. The following are tips (in accordance with Google Places quality guidelines) for helping bridge the gap between you and the millions of users searching Google daily for locations of establishments that will benefit their needs; forging connections that can actually take you places.

  • Use Professional Email Accounts – This is particularly important if multiple users provide updates for an account or listing. Email accounts under a company domain or shared email accounts would likely be most appropriate.

  • List Your Business Name Accurately – Business names should be listed in the same fashion as they are in real world applications to maintain accuracy and promote one’s brand more effectively. Adding marketing taglines, URLs, contact information that is not a part of a business name, descriptions or irrelevant keywords is not appropriate. It may, however, be beneficial to include in parentheses a mall or container store name if one’s business is located within these types of entities.

  • List Your Business Location Accurately – Business location information must be displayed correctly if the goal of letting people know where you are is to be achieved. Only precise physical locations should be used, therefore P.O. Box mailing information would not be an appropriate substitute. Also, each business listing should only have one assigned location, regardless of whether a company has more than one service area, or area of specialization. Those who do not conduct business “in-person” at their listed physical address may be required to select an option to hide their address on their dashboard or risk Google Map removal.

  • Make Sure Contact Information Provides a Direct Connection – Directing prospects to call centers or phone numbers and URLs that do not provide a direct connection with one’s individual business location may not prove beneficial.

  • Categorize Your Company – Categorizing your business using available features can aid in customizing your listing for more effective reach.

Professionals should review the complete list of available Google Places quality guidelines for more information about how to most appropriately create their listing. For information about SEO online marketing or website development, please visit One SEO Company – leader in Google SEO Services today.  

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