From Keywords to Links to…Entities? The Next Wave in Google Search 
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Search marketers should by now be on alert that Google is on a serious mission to improve the quality of content delivered to users in queried search results. 

The search magnet has made several announcements regarding modifications to it’s algorithm that will aid in weeding out irrelevant content that both crafty as well as not so crafty SEO masterminds were at one point in time able to cram with keywords and achieve high web page rankings for. However, with Google’s series of changes, i.e. the recent hard hitting Google Panda update, many are seeking to learn as much as possible about how to stay on top of the Google changes to remain in the good graces of web crawlers. 
The latest wave in the Google search revolution is geared towards what are referred to as entities. Although keywords and links remain important ranking factors, the use of entities is purportedly an effective means of classifying the content most relevant for specific queries. 
What are search entities pray tell? An entity is deemed in this manner to be something, anything that has a real world existence. This could be a particular brand, a celebrity, a television show, or any item web users may search for. As pointed out by Dan Shure of Evolving SEO, each entity has an accompanying attribute attached to it that Google uses to more effectively connect them to search items. The use of entities correlates with the move towards adjusting algorithms to respond to the natural way users search for items. Longtail queries are more specific search inquiries that, despite popular belief, continue to comprise a majority of online search traffic.
With this being stated, search marketers should take seriously Google’s move towards developing a more intelligent search system that integrates information gathered from social media and other sources into query responses for delivering more relevant content to users. A common element that would help facilitate better recognition of a brand or other search item as an entity is to move away from traditional generic identifying properties and take steps to gather citations that support the notion that one can trust in that particular brand. If one can view their offer or web presence in terms of what type of entity they are, and focus their SEO efforts on garnering recognition in that sense, then the rest should fall into place. 
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