You may have already heard the recent buzz about one of the hottest topics in Silicon Valley. Google and Twitter recently inked a deal to resume their collaboration, which had ceased nearly four years ago. This new partnership is expected to become full blown within the first half of this year and the SEO industry seems quite positive that it will significantly impact how Google will rank tweets in the SERPs.

A Closer Look at the Deal

A few weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that Twitter Inc. had struck a deal with Google to give its content (tweets) more visibility and become more searchable online.

The microblogging website gives the search giant access to their Firehose which automatically allows the latter to have access to their data without the need to crawl them.

Bloomberg noted that the deal highlights the development efforts of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to increase visibility of tweets to non-users and garner more advertising revenue from a larger audience.

It is worthy to note that Twitter also has an existing partnership with two other major search engines, Bing and Yahoo.

How Will This Affect SEO?

Once this deal is fully operational, large volume of tweets will start appearing in SERPs depending on how Google will rate and filter them in terms of relevance and value. This means you are now going to give serious thought to how you can optimize your Twitter profile and tweets so that Google would rank it higher in search results.

According to HubSpot, you need to increase the time you spend in building your Twitter profile right now so that you won’t be left out when Google starts indexing a large number of tweets in the coming months.

Increasing the engagement of your Twitter content and building relationships with influencers are also a few of the strategies. Small business website owners who want to increase the chances of having their tweets get higher rankings and visibility in Google SERPs should start thinking hard on natural content strategies such as those taught by Eric Ward.

The Importance of Optimizing Your Tweets

Optimizing your Twitter profile page and tweets is highly important as you need to stand out from your competitors in your industry. Thus the best time to get the ball rolling is now. Always keep in mind that when you are prepared, you have more room to adjust, which means more time to correct failures and errors. This in the end will help you gain more insight into how to better optimize your Twitter content.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, thus it would be a shame if you couldn’t gain leverage from their collaboration with Twitter.  “Small business owners can leverage Twitter using local targeting,” says Macy English a Dallas based Twitter marketing expert & VP of SocialCentiv – developer of a Twitter Marketing tool.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners

“Google may reward business owners by indexing their tweets if they create tweets that have higher engagement factor.  Creating cornerstone content is more likely to get more traffic from Google,” says Qamar Zaman a lawyer marketing expert.

If you are an attorney who is looking to increase your brand exposure on Twitter you can consult with Qamar Zaman of to help you build your brand online.