Digital marketing expert Qamar Zaman says press release marketing can help businesses overcome three of the biggest content marketing challenges of the past year.

As the new year begins, businesses everywhere have begun putting their plans into action for surpassing the successes seen in 2015 with their marketing efforts. Many who fell short of their goals have gone to great lengths to assess what went wrong during the past year in an effort to get it right this time around.


Major Content Marketing Benchmarks and Drawbacks of the Past Year

One of the most significant items placed on the list for assessment is content marketing and what ROI was seen after implementing related strategies.

Before 2015 began, writer Kim Garst wrote in an article published by the Huffington Post that among the top digital marketing trends expected to dominate the year were a decrease in the number of online marketing strategies employed by businesses and content marketing becoming more about quality rather than quantity.

As stated by Garst “A successful content strategy should be about producing first-rate content, not just rehashing or compiling everyone else’s insights. Businesses will finally realize that blah, run-of-the-mill content does very little in terms of increasing search rankings or attracting followers. In fact, they will begin to see that producing low-quality content can actually be damaging in terms of SEO and building trust.” Read more from the Huffington Post here.

According to Qamar Zaman, a digital marketing expert and CEO of online press release distribution service, KISS PR, there were three key challenges that a number of businesses faced in 2015 with regard to content marketing in particular in their effort to focus on quality driven results as opposed to quantity. These included:

  • Problems with identifying clear goals
  • Failing to promote content effectively
  • Problems with utilizing social channels for broad reach

Zaman says these issues gained more prominence for businesses last year because of the frustrations that accompanied the hard hitting changes in the overall landscape for SEO. Zaman, a certified Google analyst says, “Google never wavered from its determination to make sure that search results were spot on matches for user inquiries. The stricter rules made a lot of content businesses were putting out less qualified for the most competitive rankings.”

New Year, New Business Marketing Resolutions

This year, experts are predicting that the evolution of how content can be utilized digitally will make it a major component of marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. Writer Shafqat Islam wrote of the topic in an article recently published by Mashable, “Over the last five years, content marketing has matured and content itself is now the fuel that powers the entire modern marketing engine. Brands will recognize the deeper value of content and put it at the center of the holistic customer experience they provide — every channel, every time, every customer.” To read more visit

However, as expressed by Zaman, businesses will have a hard time using content to elevate their success to the levels they are seeking unless they have effectively dealt with the three aforementioned issues specified. Says the CEO, “identifying clear goals, using the right channels for promotion, and making content engaging on social media are going to be paramount to businesses seeking true success with their content marketing efforts throughout the year ahead.”

Zaman says that press release marketing is a driving force that can help businesses accelerate their growth while dealing with a number of content marketing challenges stating, “with a service like KISS PR, businesses have a turnkey solution at their disposal that can provide them with a means of meeting specific target marketing goals, and promoting their content through an extensive network, including on social media.” He proposes that with press releases the three key challenges that impacted so many businesses in 2015 can be easily overcome in 2016.

Zaman’s service is multifaceted in its approach to helping businesses achieve greater visibility through digital promotion. Businesses can contact KISS PR today to inquire about how press release distribution can help with their unique content marketing needs this year.

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