The aviation industry traces its roots back to the early 1920s—shortly after the conclusion of World War I. Not surprisingly, the aviation insurance industry developed at about the same time. After all, powered flight (and the technology behind it) was still in its infancy, so the associated risks were high.

The company that is now called Global Aerospace was formed to provide financial protection to the innovators pushing the boundaries of aviation. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that Global was instrumental in advancing the industry. The availability of aviation insurance gave companies the confidence to forge ahead into uncharted territory.

Since its founding, Global has remained a leader in its field. But as the company approached its 100th anniversary, leadership identified the milestone as the perfect time for a comprehensive refresh of its brand, website, etc. Having collaborated with The Creative Alliance for many years, they tapped the agency to lead the way on this important initiative.

It All Starts With Strategy

In the same way that aircraft should never get airborne without a flight plan, companies should never dive into a rebranding effort without a solid strategy. Nobody knows that better than the marketing team at Global Aerospace.

Beginning with conversations about the desire for a redesigned logo, enhanced website, etc., the initiative truly took off with an intensive day-long, in-person meeting in Orlando. The session was attended by our team and several key stakeholders at Global, including the company’s U.K.-based group chief executive officer and U.S.-based president and chief underwriting officer—a testament to the importance the company placed on this project.

The meeting involved reviewing and discussing answers from Global team members to questions we had posed in advance. Over the course of several hours, the conversation yielded tremendous insights and some highly refined information our team could use to move…