Global Aerospace Editorial Team, February 5, 2024
Aviation Safety, Innovation

One of the ways Global Aerospace stays at the forefront of aviation and aerospace insurance is by continually engaging with the companies behind next-generation technological advancements. Based in Silicon Valley, Reliable Robotics is pushing the envelope on autonomy and automation in aviation.

autonomous aircraft outside hangar

We were pleased to talk with Reliable Robotics Chief Business Officer Myles Goeller about the company’s innovative offerings and how new technology is affecting aviation generally. This article includes highlights from that conversation.

Aviation has used forms of automation for decades now. Do you believe we are on the cusp of transformative change? If so, why now?

Advanced automation in transportation is at an inflection point where technology maturity and societal acceptance is bringing transformative change. Evidence of the latter is the rapid evolution and adoption of advanced safety and driver assist technologies in the automotive sector.

Supporting this change is the maturity of the technology required to fully automate and remotely operate aircraft. Among these technologies are high-integrity navigation systems that enable automated operations without terrestrial navigation aids, as well as autopilots that provide continuous engagement through taxi, takeoff and landing. Additionally, detection and avoidance (DAA) technologies are being developed that enable aircraft separation and collision avoidance, complemented by certified, bi-directional communications for command and control.

These advances are underpinned by air transportation’s highly structured and regulated system that provides the ideal conditions for the development of advanced automation. Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have provided a clear framework for the certification of safe aviation systems and are proving to be supportive partners on the path to…