Life today can be physically taxing and psychologically stressful. But you don’t simply have to grin and bear it. When it comes to pain relief and relaxation, nothing beats an advanced massage chair. The easing of aches and pains and the calming effect a chair produces can be truly life-changing.

That term may sound a little cliche, but it is accurate in this context. The massage chair features in the latest models do an exceptional job of relieving minor pains while also creating a profoundly relaxing experience. Nothing positions you to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and enjoy a better quality of life than being pain- and stress-free. 

If you don’t already own a massage chair, you should consider making this wise investment in the year ahead. This article covers trends and provides a list of 2024’s top massage chairs. 

What To Expect From the Massage Chair Industry in 2024

Here are some massage chair trends we are following this year:

Advances in pain relief
Massage chair manufacturers continue to work with medical experts, people experiencing body aches and pains, and other stakeholders to enhance chair functionality to better address various types of discomfort. 

Enhanced session tailoring
The ability to customize a massage session to your wants and needs isn’t new. However, massage chair manufacturers continue to make breakthroughs in this area. For example:

  • The KOYO 303TS has 30 massage intensity levels that can be adjusted in any program.
  • The OHCO M.8 NEO allows you to independently adjust the air cell intensity of each body part, or deactivate each body part entirely.
  • The MAK1 lets you deactivate particular sections of the back and customize the massage styles employed for each section.

Overuse of “artificial intelligence” and “AI”
Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) today, and many in the massage chair industry are looking to capitalize on those terms to draw attention…