Yahoo has gone a long way since the time of its inception. It started as a directory, which was basically the inspiration of other search engines in the world such as Google. However, it may have been late when it comes to opening its platforms.

To demonstrate their ability to adapt to the new ways of using and managing content, the new set of Yahoo services boast of open strategies. This means that users will have more control over the content, may it be videos, music, or texts.

Some common examples are the following:

1. Buzz. Buzz is very much like Digg. Since it was launched in February 2007, it has already registered 5,000+ publishers, and there are already 2 million articles that are being shared and published through this service. Like Digg, users will have the opportunity to rate the content. The best ones will be given prime spots in the Yahoo homepage, which may mean millions of hits for you.

2. Shine. Shine is more geared to cater women, though anyone can basically use it. With it, you can create your own blog, have other users comment on your posts, and possess more control over the content of your page.

3. Yahoo Music. Yahoo Music is integrated in Yahoo Messenger, but it still has its own page where you can download songs for a very low rate. Later, however, you will have more control over your profile or page as you integrate your Flickr account and even blogs that are set up outside of Yahoo network. You can also incorporate reviews and other music-related options like Hype Machine.

The main thrust for these new and modified services of Yahoo is people. As long as their users can get the most out of them, by giving them more freedom over their pages, then they can look forward to constant and even increasing traffic in the future.

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