They may rank only no.2 in and garner 8/10 in terms of page rank (which, ironically, they themselves conceptualized), Google still remains unbeaten when you are going to talk about web searches. In fact, it has dominated the entire market, eating 63 percent of the pie when it was evaluated last August. This was also their highest gain so far in the last five months.

Ranking no.2 is, of course, Yahoo, which, unfortunately, suffered an almost 1 percent drop in its searches, even if it is considered as no.1 in Alexa and has bigger page rank than Google. Coming in third is MSN, the search engine developed by Microsoft. It also experienced a drop in the number of people searching through it, but its difference is much lower than that of Yahoo.

Not all other competitors of Google, though, hit a low mark. Two excellent examples will be and AOL, which both received an increase in percentage, even placing fourth among the rankings of search engines.

The Ultimate Question

A huge reason why Google emerges as no.1 in this race is because of its web searching advertising. They are not only used to look for information, but it has become the ultimate basis for online merchants to succeed in their businesses. It also offers wider range and more well-known online marketing strategies such as Google Adwords and income-generating tactics like Google Adsense. Nevertheless, its lead is not without question. Today, a number of groups are complaining about the regulations set by Europe and the United States.

The report developed by ComScore also revealed that there are more than 11 billion searches done on these top 5 search engines. These searches, however, do not include the use of their local directories and searches for videos developed by the users themselves.