Having a website is really not enough—nor does getting a good amount of traffic to your website. What is important is your conversion rate. Put it simply, how many people are actually visiting your website and then buy your products or avail of your services?

Doing this manually is certainly impossible. On the other hand, there are traffic analysis tools that will only tell you where your visitors are really coming from, but you can hardly make sense to it.

That’s where Google Analytics comes in. This special option of the mega-search engine is now widely used by thousands of businesspersons all over the world. It will tell you three things. First, it will inform you of where your visitors are coming from, then how they are able to find your website, and what types of pages they visited.

How Does It Help?

Now you understand how it works, it’s now time to learn how it can be beneficial to you. There are a lot of business-related services currently offered by Google, and one of them is your Adwords campaign. Since it involves costs, you want to make sure that you can get the most out of your investment. Google Analytics will inform you the types of ads that are frequently clicked as well the keywords that are used by most of your visitors. This way, you know which ones to optimize, retain, or remove from your online marketing campaign.

If you need more information about Google Analytics, visit www.google.com/analytics. You can also access it directly by clicking on its tab, which you can find in your Adwords login account.

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