Panda 3.4: Another Google SEO Challenge?

Google tweeted about another Panda 3.4

Around 5 days ago, another algorithmic update was announced by Google through their Twitter page. See screenshot below

Google Panda 3.4 Tweet


The big G, just merely tweeted about another Panda roll out, this time it is Panda 3.4, the latest tweaked version of the very famous search algorithm update that disturbs the hornet‘s nest of the Google SEO world.

As tweeted by Google, the recent roll out only affected 1.6% of queries which may look really small but could have wiped out a population of low quality websites – a big loss to those website owners who haven’t done any preventive measures to lessen the repercussions brought by the wrath of the mighty Panda.

Panda is a Challenge to Google SEO

Though Panda 3.4 is just a data refresh, meaning a reran (no changes in the algorithm has been made) of the same program in their search system, the mystery of the ranking formula and the frequency of its updates and alterations pose as big a challenge to Google SEO experts.

Google SEO becomes a very challenging quest to both search professionals and online entrepreneurs. As Google is serious in their goal in prioritizing quality websites to provide better search experience to their millions of users, SEO experts have to leave the traditional methods of optimization and embrace the new ones to avoid penalties and de-indexation.

Latest Traces of Google Panda’s Infiltration

If you have browsed the World Wide Web lately, you will notice that numerous private blog networks are already devalued by Google. You can see a 3 year-old domain blog filled with contents with zero page rank. This may shocked you but Google Panda has now the capability to record malicious patterns which are mostly seen in private blog networks filled with over SEOed spun articles. The era of article spinning has now officially ended.

On the other hand, a few webmasters cry foul and ask Google why their websites are being de-indexed when they only publish quality contents and have always followed the rules to avoid penalties. This situation could mean that the big G’s system, no matter how great, is never near to perfect.

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