Google search results have changed dramatically since the introduction of structured data, which allows Google to show rich information along with your website URL in the search result pages. Webmasters can control which data about their site is shown via Google search console.

Google recently reported that search console will now report on the following types of structured data in the rich results report:

  • Product Markup: This allows Google to take product information from your website and directly show it on Google search results pages.
  • Sitelink Searchbox Markup: Sitelink Searchbox Markup allows Google to display a search bar which will allow users to search a website’s content.
  • Unparsable Types: This displays the structured data that has been implemented incorrectly, or in other words, is unreadable for Google’s bots.

These new changes will make the life of e-commerce store owners and webmasters easier since they will now be able to quickly see if Google can read the structured data about their product markups.

You will immediately be able to start troubleshooting and identifying errors to make sure the information shown in Google’s rich content snippets about your website is accurate.

Google notes the types of data are not new, only the ability to report on these types of data. Google has already shown structured data in search console for the following items:

  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Fact Check
  • How-to
  • Job Posting
  • Logo
  • Local Business Listing
  • Occupation
  • Q&A Page
  • Recipe
  • Review Snippet

Several webmasters and e-commerce store owners have already integrated structured data in their SEO strategy, as it can help attract customers directly from the search engine results page, and can ultimately boost engagement and SERP rankings.

Learn More about Structured Data Reports in Google Search Console

Here are a few important and common questions related to structured data reports that you should understand clearly.

What Are the Rich Results in Google Search Console?

Within the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console, “rich results” is a new filter feature. Webmasters are allowed to filter data based on rich results. You can see rich results when your web pages show up in the SERPs as rich cards or other forms of rich snippets.

What is Unparsable Structured Data?

As mentioned earlier, this displays the structured data that has been implemented incorrectly. The Unparsable Structured Data report aggregates structured data syntax errors. To put it simply, it groups all the parsing issues that prevented Google from identifying the feature type.

What Are Rich Snippets?

When you look at your search result snippet every time your web page shows up in the SERPs, does it show additional information about your business such as rating, location, phone number, and address? If it does, then it’s what we call a rich snippet.

“Rich snippet” is a term used to describe a form of structured data markup that website owners can add to their existing HTML. This addition helps search engines better understand the content on a web page.

What is a crawl report?

According to Google, the Crawl Stats report (which is only for websites) provides information on Googlebot’s activity on your website for the last 90 days. These stats take into account all content types that we download (such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and PDF files, and images).

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