Dallas, Texas (Source: OneSEOCompany.com- Lawyer Marketing News) —  With the number of judgments achieved in your clients favor and the number of favorable settlements done, don’t you think it’s time to spread the word and speak about the quality of legal service you provide and the extent of expertise you have achieved? It’s about time that people should know and walk towards your legal practice. Telling people about yourself and your law firm is a service you would be doing to yourself and for the people.

Publicity brings visibility. If you a practicing attorney your need would be to reach out and tell the people about yourself, your practice and your successes. Stating facts and spreading the word about the success brings laurels. Doing this establishes your practice and gets your legal practice rolling. While we have online mediums like blogs and articles through which you can approach the web visitors, PRESS RELEASES stand out as “THE” medium that is well reputed and is taken well by the readers. Press Releases are the best way to approach the online Media.

With a website made and with the lawyer’s blog you might think that your work is done. You may be right. But don’t you think you need to get more exposure? Isn’t it fair to let your client know where to and how to find you? If you are thinking in terms of legal advertising, you might be heading for huge investments; Press Releases are much cheaper and most effective lawyer Internet marketing means. Comparison tells us while article have their own important place in the internet marketing arena, these are slow starters. Articles take time to mature and so do the blogs. Articles do bring in free web traffic but have been more effective in building links.

About Lawyer Press Release

Instant recognition, instant visibility, instant web traffic and instant indexing can be achieved through effective press release writing and distribution.

Pick your keywords well – relevance plays its part. As you would have done in SEO of your law firm’s website, you need to find the keywords relevant to your legal practice. Picking up relevant keywords and using them within your press release helps in indexing and the spread of news. Keyword, its Meta description and Meta title help in making the press release search engine friendly. The news releases also reach the inbox of the people who have the Google Alerts.

Clearly worded, no nonsense text – Write only when you have a newsworthy story to tell. Even while trying news worthy story refrain from nonsense text. Focus and deliver good stuff.

Release your news through Credible, reputed Press Release Distribution service ¬– Press Release Distribution is a sensitive task. Selection of the PR site should be based on the affordability and the seriousness of the PR distribution site. With the lawyer’s niche practice area and the law firm press release distribution being promoted through the PR site, it is but natural that many website visitors will be arriving there at the hope of finding attorney’s news.

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