Since its inception, Internet marketers everywhere have written tirelessly about the many reasons attorneys and law firms should adopt Google+. Recently, lawyer-marketing expert Rene Perras of CEPAC suggested there was one reason many have left out in detailing the benefits of Google+: the role it can play in getting indexed in the major search engine.

In essence Google is placing a value on the individual online brand of the each attorney writing articles for a lawyer website in addition to the overall online brand of the law firm….More at Lawyer Internet Marketing Tip: Another Good Reason to Adopt Google+ – NewYorkInjuryNews (press release)

As the article states, the purported competition between Facebook and Google+ is far more than meets the eye, with the competition arena being Google as a whole. Google+ users have an advantage when it comes to content indexing. Google can more effectively validate the identity of Google+ users than it has been able to with other social networking sites in the past. This factor is an important consideration in law firm marketing because the search giant looks for relevance and quality when indexing content.
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