Adopt a Google+ Strategy and Avoid Getting Lost in the Search Shuffle

Many have noted that Google+ is steadily increasing in value when it comes to enhancing the market competitiveness for practically any brand. Those who have yet to adopt a Google+ strategy should consider the benefits in doing so, which may help them avoid getting lost in the search shuffle.

Google+ is Google’s social networking platform, which like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and etc., facilitates personal as well as professional based social connections online. There are differences; however, many social media experts have noted about Google+ that make the social network a stand out, and important to include on any marketer’s social networking roster. The primary difference is its projected growing influence on search engine placement.

The following are four items that make adopting a Google+ strategy virtually a necessity for maintaining a prominent online presence in today’s market.

  • Ranking influence – Google+, as a Google platform lends an undeniable advantage to users in terms of rankings. Perhaps it relates to the familiarity of linked pages that aides in the search engine’s algorithm being more receptive to Google+ user content, or another cause, but many have found that their Google+ profiles are outranking other sites for both brand and personal name queries.
  • Brand names can be linked to broader search terms – Many are also discovering that their brand names are getting associated with broadly searched terms, and showing up in related search query results. This powerful association can attract a high influx of traffic to one’s site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Google search audience accessibility – Google search has billions of users querying billions of items on practically any given day. Prominent placement achieved with a Google+ advantage can give brands better access to many more users searching for their particular offer, and put their logos and other supportive images on display.
  • Future use to improve search quality – Google+ has been projected to be used as a strong force in fighting manipulative link spam in the search giant’s effort to give users more relevant, high quality results in searches. Profiles may soon be used as a search quality signal. Not having a Google+ profile may keep one out of the running for consideration as an authoritative site or web page.

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In a statement provided to Fast Company, a Google spokesperson challenged the claims made in RJM’s report. “By only tracking engagement on public posts, this study is flawed and not an accurate representation of all the sharing and activity taking place on Google+,” the spokesperson said. “As we’ve said before, more sharing occurs privately to circles and individuals than publicly on Google+. The beauty of Google+ is that it allows you to share privately–you don’t have to publicly share your thoughts, photos or videos with the world.”…More at Google Plus Isn’t Addictive. Isn’t That a Plus? – Forbes



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