Google Unleashes Penguin 1.1

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web Spam team, recently announced through Twitter that an algorithm data refresh for Penguin Update already took effect.  See screenshot of his tweet below.

Cutts mentioned that Penguin 1.1 only affects less than 0.1 percent of English searches.   This algorithm update, according to Danny Sullivan, is not just a mere “data refresh”.  In a comment he wrote in Search Engine Land’s website, he mentioned how Google commonly implements variety of changes to Panda Updates to improve its filter.  This also goes the same with Penguin Updates.  Sullivan said that Penguin 1.1 should cause some sites (that have made significant changes) to be released from penalties they incurred after the launch of the Penguin Update last 24th of April.

On the other note, Sullivan also speculated that the latest Penguin update may have implemented minor corrections on whatever lapses done when it was first release.

“…perhaps curb any false positives out there and catch those that weren’t caught before — if the changes match Google’s stated goals”, Sullivan commented.

This official Penguin Update announcement from Google has also invalidated all previous claims that there have been updates implemented in the past weeks with regards to the over-optimization algorithm.

Negative Feedbacks

Though Google always remind the public that the major aims of their latest algorithm updates are to combat web spam and promote high quality content, there are still some people who think otherwise.

A commenter in Search Engine Land expresses his disappointment towards Google.

“Yet again google is trying to destroy SEO… A lot of searches now ends up in rubbish websites or big sites with copied and very short content like yelp, yahoo, youtube obviously

This is the end of small decent businesses”, wrote by a commenter with the username Peter Kern.

Another commenter agreed to what Peter Kern says.

“@Peter Yep that’s true. Even websites with automatic content like RSS score very high in the Google search engine”, Live Magazine wrote.

A commenter with the username valentine asked other commenters if the Penguin update has already been applied to international searches.  Another negative feedback about the update was written in reply to his inquiry.

“Yes, a few hours ago one of my site went for a keyword from #2 to #20 and another keyword form #7 to….nowhere… (country based site and keyword ) . The site has only unique content…the ” funny ” thing is now on the first page is just rubbish low quallity sites , “good job ” Google !”, wrote Catalina Mihai.

A few more negative feedbacks scrutinizing Google’s sincerity in combatting spams were posted by disappointed webmasters and SEOs.

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