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In an industry wherein competition is very high and fierce, it’s no brainer why most law firms especially those startups have to employ the help of Search Engine Optimization to freely compete with big and more established law companies.

Based on worldwide statistics, more and more people are using the internet to search for products and services. Because of this, highly competitive business establishments don’t want to miss the opportunity to leverage on massive search traffic which has high probability of boosting conversions, thus increasing company profits and properties.

In today’s legal industry, the fierce battle in court truly begins in the online battle of target keywords that should rank on top of Google’s search results pages.

The Basic Strategy in Getting High Rankings in Google

The current biggest player when it comes to search is no other than Google. According to the latest statistic, the search company garnered 65.24% of overall search traffic in April 2012. This data alone shows that Google is still the reigning game changer in the search engine industry. This indicates that you should focus your SEO efforts in getting high rankings in its search results pages.

There have been lots of lawyer marketing trends (mostly SEO-focus) in the past years and most of them become less and less effective as Google constantly update and tweak their search algorithm program. But, there’s one basic all-time strategy most content creators and search marketers tend to overlook as their attentions are more focused in topping the SERPS – the creation of high quality content that attracts back-links.

Google has been very serious in their campaign to eliminate web spam by prioritizing the indexing of webpages with high quality contents to provide their search users the most relevant and matched results. Quality of content is the common denominator in their latest Panda and Penguin updates.

How to Create a High Quality Content?

One very important part of an effective lawyer marketing involves a well-planned content development strategy that doesn’t only promote high quality contents but also involves tactics on how to attract high authority websites and blogs to link-back to them.

High quality contents are not developed overnight. Check steps below on how to develop your own content strategy to enable you to produce contents that are not only high in quality but also attract web commendations from trusted and popular websites.

1. Determine your specific target audience.

2. Determine which type of content (i.e. textual, video, photo, audio) is most suited for them.

3. Look for the current most searched or hot topics in the legal industry that can capture the interest of your target audience.

4. Create your content with care and make it more informative and helpful. Mention those big names that need to be mentioned and link to popular websites if necessary. Don’t forget to give credit if you are citing some helpful excerpts from other websites.

5. Review, proofread, edit, review, and proofread your content.

6. Apply white-hat SEO techniques to make it more visible in search engines.

7. Promote it through various social media networks.

8. Evaluate the effectiveness of you content and how far their “reach” by using online metrics like Google Analytics, Majestic SEO, and the like.

9. Determine weak points and discontinue doing them. Improve content production by researching for more ways to make it more helpful and informative. Keep on doing those strategies that work well.

10. Repeat step 1 to 9.

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