TikTok underlined the importance of sound in your platform promotions new research performed by MRC Data and Flamingo provide insight into how users respond to audio and music in TikTok ads and what they expect from brands.

As per TikTok:

“Music and sound are TikTok’s universal language; they play an integral role in the community’s creativity, liveliness and cultural impact. From collaborating with a culturally relevant musician to a personal song, or to use in the trend voice utterances and jingle on the platform, music and sound play an important role in how brands share their personalities with the world. ‘

The data certainly highlights some valuable points – for example, when brands include music in their offerings, 68% of TikTok is users say they remember the brand better, while 58% think they have a stronger connection to the brand.

Of course, you can not just use music in your promotional campaigns. TikTok updated its rules commercial music use last May, which stopped brands use popular tracks, and rather refer to it as free Commercial Music Library of free cuts. But brands can still get specific approval to use certain tracks, or create their own jingles in line with TikTok trends.

Either way, there are some interesting notes to consider – check out the study key findings below.

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