WhatsApp has added a new option to manage your group chat threads, with archived chats that are now archived and hidden even when new messages are sent to the group.

To be clear, users have always been able to do this archive their WhatsApp chats, but now you do not receive notifications about new messages for the chats you have archived, which enables you to hide them. You can view it in your archive and reactivate it whenever you want.

As summarized by WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart:

‘Keep a WhatsApp group that is a little noisy and confuses your inbox? With the new Archive you can now keep an active thread outside your inbox, but still have access to it whenever you want! ‘

WhatsApp has been experimenting with its archiving options for the past few years, and this feature is actually being tested as holiday modeback in 2019. Many users have expressed frustration that their archived chats are still returning to their inbox when a new message is received – and this will no longer be the case.

Which just means that you have to be extra sure that you want to archive a chat, because then you will miss any new messages. Or you should be careful to report your archive discussions if there are details you want to keep up to date with.

This is a relatively small update, but it will be great for heavy WhatsApp users.

The new archive update will be launched from today.

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