Facebook today announced two new Portal video calling devices, which contribute to the expansion of the hardware catalog, while also introducing a new Business Portal option, which aims to help SMEs leverage video calls for improved collaboration and efficiency.

First on the new devices – which are trying to take advantage of the growing interest in remote work, which is already causes increased uptake of its Portal smart tool, Facebook is now launching its next-generation Portal +, which includes a 14-inch tilt screen, and Portal Go, a 10-inch portablee video call device.

The Portal Go is the biggest shift. The Portal Go offers an extensive usability for the tool, which can be essentially popular in various applications, an iPad-sized video screen (albeit thicker), which is linked to your Facebook contacts for video calls.

As explained by Facebook:

Portal Go brings the best of Portal smart video calls to a new, portable form factor. It is designed to move conversations from room to room, with an integrated handle and a long-lasting battery. Portal Go includes a 12MP smart camera with an ultra-wide field of view for immersive video calls. And it also serves as a portable speaker with a room-filling sound to listen to your favorite music in your home.

Portal Go

In some ways, the Portal Go may be limited by the popularity of the iPad, as many of the markets you would adopt would be interested in the device already having a similar option, but it may serve a clear purpose to make a more facilitate direct connection with family and friends, which has been a much bigger focus over the past year and a half.

It can also be a great companion for those working from home, with the camera’s features automatically adjusting, helping to facilitate better quality video calls, and with the ability to carry the device anywhere take, which offers new opportunities for your video conferencing — or at least allows you to change your background without the haunting blur of artificial deliberations.

Meanwhile, the Portal + is more specifically focused on professional use.

Our new 14-inch Portal + features a 12MP smartphone with an ultra-wide field of view. Its stereo speakers deliver high-fidelity sound for crystal clear sound. With the advent of remote and hybrid work models, Portal + makes a perfect, dedicated screen for work calls, freeing up your computer to take notes, view a presentation or multitask. Thanks to the large screen, you can see up to 25 people in Gallery mode simultaneously on a Zoom call. It is also great to make contact with family and friends when the work day is over. ”

Facebook portal +

The WFH shift, which for many people wants to become a permanent change, could cause an increase in demand for improved video calling devices, and the Portal + joins in, while Facebook also add support for Microsoft team to all its Portal devices to further adapt to this use case.

In addition, Facebook is also starting Business Portal, a new SME-targeted service designed to help small businesses get the most out of Portal’s video calling and collaboration tools.

“With Portal for Business, SMEs can create and manage Facebook work accounts for their teams. This is a new account type on Portal and will be available for many Facebook work products in the coming year.

First announced last week, Will let Facebook’s work accounts log in to business users Business manager in business and industry without the need for a personal account. Businesses will also be able to manage these accounts on behalf of their employees, providing a greater separation between professional and personal use.

It can also cause some users to deactivate their personal accounts when they no longer need them for work — although it is commonplace, Facebook’s bet is that it will not be a large-scale move.

Portal for Business will also have a device manager element, which enables enterprise managers to manage devices set up by employees with access to Portal for Business.

While social media remains its main focus, Facebook is also increasingly moving to hardware, with the development of VR headphones, AR glasses and video calling devices among the company’s growing consumer products.

It has helped expand its opportunities, with Facebook showing significant growth in it ‘Other’ income category (i.e. everything that is not in the programs) the past year.

Facebook Q2 2021 - Other income card

A major element in this was the pandemic and the shift to remote connection and people looking for alternative forms of entertainment. But in reality, the pandemic only accelerated the trends that already existed and had already risen before we were forced to adjust.

Increased connectivity facilitates more work options, which will reduce travel costs and pollution, while limiting congestion and stabilizing property prices in excellent locations, and so on. series of logical shifts. The evolutions of VR were also already coming, and now Facebook is well positioned to lead the charge as well, while its Ray Ban Stories collaboration is another element that builds on Facebook’s physical production flow and expands its capacity for future, similar tools.

Make no mistake, this is a critical area for the business. Although it may be a subsidiary and a subsidiary interest for Zuck and Co.

You may not see it yet, you may not see everyone wearing camera-equipped Ray Bans, or Portal devices along the toaster in every home, while some of the bigger privacy issues associated with Facebook certainly limit to a mate. But it is building, and as more people buy these devices, others will follow suit, helping to gain a gradual momentum for the next big push from Facebook.

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