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Which Elf on the Shelf outfit is best?

Elf on the Shelf has become a lovable family tradition in countless households. The magic created by this sneaky little Elf delights children and adults alike. Your Elf on the Shelf experience is completely customizable, even down to the clothes and activities you find the Elf in.

Whether your Elf is swinging from the Christmas tree, crawling up a shelf or playing in the snow, there is an outfit available to enhance their look. Dressing up your elf adds to their personality and charm while also being just plain adorable.

What to know before you buy Elf on the Shelf outfits


You’ll want to make sure that whatever accessories you end up buying are going to fit your elf. The Claus Couture Collection is always a safe bet, since it is manufactured by the same company that created Elf on the Shelf. However, there are plenty of other brands that make clothing and…

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