Another Thanksgiving Day is done, the last turkey and stuffing sandwiches have been eaten. Dishes are washed, beds stripped, the lost and found ready for mailing back to visitors. Gone is the incessant thumping of rapidly growing feet and the beeping of video games.

On the way out, grandchildren were sweet enough to hug their grandparents tightly and say that they would miss them. Littles, you have no idea what missing is like until you are on the “grand” end of the stick. For those too far away to get home, there was FaceTime, a half hour of passing a phone from hand to hand around the kitchen, chatter and laughter and feasting on beloved faces.

Now there is the sprint to Christmas, the ultimate celebration of commercialism, sentimentality and guilt-driven generosity. We’ve had our first dusting of snow, the nights are long and dark, the year likewise. Could we not take just this one Christmas off to relish the calm, the stillness? To give each other the gift of peace and quiet…

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