Google is expected to do the unusual all the time. It has many firsts to its credit. It changed the search engine ecosystem. The music video environment. The way mobile phones should operate. And the list goes on. But now, given its sheer market dominance, it is under scrutiny by regulators in the EU and the US (among other places). This time, it is being queried by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for its unfair practices in the media space. And the questions that are being raised (and not raised) could actually raise some very disturbing issues, with huge ramifications for both Google and the media industry.


When Google first sought listing almost 30 years ago, financial analysts were stunned when they reading the listing document. In that Google had said that it sought to raise around $100 a share and hoped to sell around 25 million shares ($2.5 billion) at the turn of the century. What shocked them was that it also stated that it did not really know how it…

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