Google falsely told customers that if they opted out of collection of their “Location History” or other settings, Google wouldn’t store the places they went, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in the District of Columbia’s Superior Court.

In fact, the suit alleges, Google still tracks people’s movements using information from its search engine, Maps app, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services.

“In reality, regardless of the settings they select, consumers who use Google products have no option but to allow the Company to collect, store, and use their location,” the suit states. “Simply put, even when a user’s mobile device is set to deny Google access to location data, the Company finds a way to continue to ascertain the user’s location.”

It alleges that reality is inconsistent with Google’s public statements about giving users control over what information the company can collect.

A Google representative had no immediate comment.

Similar suits were filed in Indiana and Texas Monday, and…

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