Google and Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal are competing to help Netflix create an ad-supported tier of it’s streaming service.

Subscriber numbers falling. In April Netflix announced that it had lost about 200,000 subscribers, which is the first time the streaming platform had lost any subscribers in over 10 years. Netflix reports that its user base is growing, however. One reason this may occur could be password sharing due to the increase in monthly fees. Either way, Netflix is hoping to boost its revenue by selling ads.

What it means for NBCUniversal. It’s likely that a partnership with NBCUniversal would be exclusive. The ad unit, called FreeWheel, would provide the necessary technology to deliver the ads. The NBCUniversal sales team would help to sell the ads across Europe and the US.

A Google partnership. Google brings its own ad platform, which Netflix is currently a customer of. An agreement with Google could mean an exclusive arrangement, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

A shift…

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