Employers have more people coming in to work despite the spike in Covid-19 cases.

The total number of cases was 17,073 according to a government release on Monday, up 33.6 per cent from a week ago.

Workplace visits are now 21 per cent above what was seen in a baseline period for 2020 before Covid-19 took hold. This is higher than the 18 per cent rise seen a week ago, shows mobility data from search engine Google. It uses anonymised location data to track how people are moving during the pandemic. Retail and recreation visits were down in the same period.

Power generation is down 2.83 per cent from the previous week. All the power plants in the country generated an average of 4,445 million units of electricity in the latest week. It was 4,574 million units in the previous week. Power generation remains higher than in 2019.

Vehicle registrations were lower than 2019 levels for the third week in a row. A total of 354,341 vehicles were registered in the latest week. This is 17.3 per…

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