VIETNAM, August 6 –

HÀ NỘI — Identity theft is not a new crime in the financial and banking scene, but insiders said a new twist on an old problem that banks and clients should worry about, exposes the need for heightened cybersecurity.

Trương Đức Lượng, chairman of the Vietnam Network Security JSC, revealed that dangerous actors could use SEO (search engine optimisation) to improve their websites’ ranking in search results when people look up information online.

The better visibility the websites have in search engines, the more likely that they garner more clicks and attract more prospective victims. Once visitors click on the websites, they are vulnerable to malicious schemes resulting in financial loss and identity theft.

Another tactic is using the online ads network to spread malicious links. Gullible users clicking on the links have their browsers hijacked by fake warnings. They fall victim to various scams if they follow the links’ instructions.

The chairman urged banks to…

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