By now, if you are growing tomatoes, it’s likely that you are seeing some of the leaf spot diseases. We have had the perfect environmental conditions for them to develop this season. I have bacterial spot on all of my San Marzano and a few of the heirloom varieties.

A couple of weeks ago, James Clemmons sent me the following in an email:

“I was hoping you would be able to recommend a comprehensive resource for vegetable plant disease and insect damage issues. In print or electronic. I’ve been having issues and without correct diagnosis I haven’t resolved my issues. It would also be a great resource for the future.”

First, thanks for the idea for his column James, and second, sorry I didn’t do it last week due to the sunflower head-clipping weevil popping up in gardens.

I also want to commend on the comment, “without correct diagnosis I haven’t resolved my issues.”

Knowing the pest problem you are trying to manage is critical to resolving plant problems. Therefore, accurate…

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