Tech giant Google has mistakenly declared the final of the Qatar World Cup, placing Brazil and France in the tournament’s finale.

For a short amount of time, online users who searched for “Lusail stadium events” came up with the result that revealed Brazil to face France at Qatar’s ‘jewel in the desert’ stadium.

As reported by the Twitter account AtaqueFutbolero, football fans may be rushing to call this a conspiracy set up by FIFA and the world’s elites. Still, it’s more likely that the ‘reliable search engine’ made a juvenile mistake.

Google has made mistakes in the past, and as the search engine expands, so will its ability to create errors.

The fight against misinformation

However, the tech-savvy company has plans to address such misinformation, and has recently announced new updates to tackle this.

As revealed in Google’s last month’s blog post, the company will now publicise a “content advisory” if users search up something with poor quality search results.

Google’s Pandu…

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