Who are the best digital marketing agencies in Hampshire?

According to Hampshire County Council, there are over 62,000 business enterprises in the county and digital marketing is vital to all of them. Whether you’re a maritime business, a healthcare provider, or an aerospace company. However, finding the best digital marketing agency to support your aspirations can be a minefield.

With more than 7,200 digital advertising agencies in the UK, the sector is very competitive. Due to this, some agencies will make a variety of promises and guarantees in order to win your business. So, just how do you separate the good from the bad and ensure you’re working with the cream of the crop? And how do you ensure that the one you hire is actually the best for you and your business?

Being a Hampshire business and the founder of Hampshire Digital, I want to ensure that we provide help and support however we can and that starts with our guide to the 15 best digital marketing agencies in Hampshire.

How do you choose the best digital marketing agency in Hampshire?

When you make the decision to hire an agency there are so many things that you need to think about. There are lots of options from freelancers, through established, independent agencies like ours, to large corporate-owned behemoths. So just how do you choose the right Hampshire digital marketing agency?

The guide we wrote to the Top 28 Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK [2022] would be a solid place to start but we know that more often than not, a local business wants a local agency. After all, we all like to support our own local economies, don’t we?

To begin with, here are a few pointers on things to think about when researching digital agencies. If you want help with other questions you could ask a prospective Hampshire agency then you can also take a look at this blog.

How to find a digital agency that meets your requirements and budget

This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked. You don’t want to spend time speaking to agencies that don’t provide the services you’re after or that will be outside of what you’re able to invest. A good tip is to ask about their average client retainer and whether they’ve experience with comparable businesses.

Consider what you want to invest on a monthly basis and whether this is an ongoing retainer or a short-term project. Some agencies for example specialise in projects, whereas others do only retainers.

Ask also about the terms. A lot of agencies will have terms which means you’re tied in for a year and need to give notice within a specific 30-day window. And if this isn’t done, you’ll be tied in for a further 12 months. Reputable digital marketing agencies know they don’t require long contracts, they’ll build in notice periods to ensure they can hand anything over professionally, but these are generally around 90 days on a rolling basis as any time during the contract.

How to check what experience a Hampshire digital marketing agency has

Unfortunately, some agencies will state they are experts when in reality they have minimal experience. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of traditional marketing or PR agencies jump on the digital bandwagon but many of them simply won’t have the skills or experience to support you fully.

A digital marketing agency that’s been in business for 10-15 years or more will have a lot more skill and experience than these new entrants, and for them to have been around for that long means they must be doing a good job for their clients.

Ask how long the agency has been in business and ask to see client testimonials and case studies for the services you’re looking for. When you check out their website, ensure they display an address, a client list, and case studies. If this information isn’t there, then we’d suggest removing them from your list of potentials.

Digital marketing agencies – check that they practice what they preach

Leading on from this, it’s always a good idea to have a little snoop around the websites of the agencies you’re thinking about speaking to. You should be looking for an agency that markets itself well, has regular blog posts [check the dates they last posted], a site with clear calls to action [CTAs] a selection of case studies, links to social channels, easy to use navigation and a clear design.

You are checking to see that they do for themselves what you’d like them to do for you.

If it’s too good to be true – it probably is

Agencies have their experience, skills and time to sell and because of this most agencies will work to a time-based model where you’ll pay for a set number of retainer days in a month.

Based on your budget, a strategy and plan should be put in place that will provide your business with the best results to move you to your objectives. A decent agency should explain what their process is, what’s planned and when the tasks will be undertaken. They should also be agile and able to flex the plan based on the changing market, business priorities and any Google algorithm changes.

Fortunately, it’s easy to weed out poor quality agencies as their pricing will be low compared to the market average.

To help you understand the market, an annual report by Benchpress provides the averages that agencies are charging. In the report we saw most recently, the average was £750 – £950 a day. Koozai sits in the centre of that range when it comes to our costs and if an agency were below the baseline, we’d suggest there’s a reason for that.
Cheap means lower margins so there is less money to invest in tools or training, which will result in a less skilled team and likely low effort.

Check the contract

This is sometimes not considered by businesses, but agencies will charge for reporting, travel, meeting and call time as well as the actual work undertaken. This should all be made clear in the contract they provide but if it’s not there you will still be charged, they’re just not being transparent about it. Be sure to ask.

What’s your available resource?

In order for an agency to get the best results they can for you, they will need a point of contact in your business who can supply the information they require; feedback on lead or sales quality, and liaise with any third-party businesses like developers to implement recommendations. Ideally, nominate someone with enough seniority so that decisions can be made in a timely fashion.

Consider who will implement the recommendations too. Will you provide the agency with access to your CMS or will someone in the team be doing this in-house?

Finally, our last tip is to pick an agency where you’ve met the team you’re going to be working with on the day to day. Ensure they’re a good fit culturally and that they enjoy their work. If they do, the chances are they’ll enjoy working on your business just as much.

Having taken a look at what sort of things to ask of any prospective Hampshire digital marketing agency we can now move on to the list of the top digital marketing agencies here in Hampshire.

Digital Marketing Agency Koozai

Best Hampshire Digital Marketing Agencies

1. Koozai – Hampshire’s top digital marketing agency

We are the Hampshire-based digital marketing agency that’s small enough to care, but big enough to deliver. As a tight-knit, independent agency we have won countless awards for our work in SEO, Content Marketing, Digital PR and Paid Media and have worked with some of Hampshire most recognised brands. We are also extremely proud to say that over 50% of our current clients hail from Hampshire, and we have had considerable experience in supporting hundreds of businesses just like them over the past 16+ years.

koozai top marketing agencyTrust is hard won in a competitive space like digital marketing, so the fact we’ve been around since 2006 and over 62% of our clients have been with us for 3 years or more [38% of those have been a client for over 6 years], puts us, rightfully, we believe, at the top of the best digital marketing agencies in Hampshire category.

In addition, we are the founders of Hampshire Digital – a free community network for businesses and digital marketing professionals in Hampshire. Set up to help businesses connect, share ideas, get digital help, and meet new and like-minded people across the county.

At Koozai we ensure our clients get noticed and help them to use digital marketing to meet and exceed their business objectives. We have experts in each of the disciplines we offer, all under one roof and all working together to amplify the impact of the work we do for you.

Top Hampshire SEO Agency

Koozai is Hampshire’s top SEO Agency. We know how important it is to have the best SEO company on your side and to focus on the core elements your business needs. Namely:

  • Increased visibility and
  • More traffic

We also pride ourselves on ensuring our clients understand what we’re doing and why. No complicated jargon, just simple clear explanations of the work we’re undertaking and how it will help you.

At the end of the day, we know you want to drive more sales or enquiries via your website and one of the biggest issues is that people need to be able to find you. Only 1% of searchers scroll past page 1 and at Koozai we help you gain more traffic and improve your visibility on Google so that in turn your business will gain more revenue and more enquiries.

Our Hampshire-based SEO experts have the skills and experience to be your perfect partner and to support you in being found on the search engines. We offer a wide selection of SEO services including; Technical SEO, ECommerce SEO, Local SEO, Website Migrations and UX optimisation.

Don’t just take our word for it though, you can check our results for Hampshire resident, Trevor Sorbie’s national chain of hair salons.

Award-winning Hampshire Paid Media Agency

As a top Hampshire paid media agency, we’ve won lots of awards for our PPC, paid social, display and remarketing services.
We can help you to secure the conversions and return on spend that you require by using paid social and paid search platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & Bing.

We’ve been expertly creating strategies and managing paid activity for clients for a long time. Not only are we a Google Partner and skilled paid media experts but we’ve also been driving drive cost-effective conversions and securing results like the ones here for Genesis Care, for our clients since 2006.

Hampshire’s Best Content Marketing Agency

As one of Hampshire’s best content marketing agencies, we pride ourselves on developing remarkable content strategies that exude creativity and passion, but which always have your marketing goals at their heart. Whether you want greater brand recognition, more leads, increased traffic, improved SEO performance or engagement, we can create a content strategy tailored to your needs. Check out how we did just this for our client Srixon.

Award-winning Hampshire Digital PR Agency

Working along-side the media day-to-day enables us to gain valuable insight into what journalists are looking for and what will gain traction in their publications. This allows us to create digital PR campaigns which we know will work for you.

We have extensive experience in link building, reactive PR or newsjacking, brand awareness and local PR. We pride ourselves on being able to propel organic SEO performance for our clients by securing valuable backlinks – take a look at our digital PR case studies to find out more and see how we became finalists for ‘Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign’ at the much-lauded UK Search Awards.

Hampshire Web Design and Development Agency

Koozai is not only a top Hampshire Digital Marketing agency but also offers web-design and development services.

Having a secure, engaging and smoothly functioning website is important to the marketing mix. We know that a great website is an asset and will provide a solid return on investment be that in terms of improved website speed, rankings, or conversions. Our web development specialists have been in the game of creating functional and beautiful sites for clients of all sizes since 2006, and we’re experienced in a range of platforms including WordPress and Woocommerce websites.

We also offer website audits, web hosting, ongoing website development support and WP Engine hosting.

The Koozai web development experts can ensure your site is built with your exact business needs in mind.

So, if you’re looking for Hampshire’s top digital marketing agency and want an agency that are specialists, have proven results and that will care about your business as much as you do, then Koozai is for you. Drop us a line and see how we can help.

Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Hampshire

Other than Koozai, there are a number of other agencies we’ve included in this list and for excellent reasons. Read on to discover more:

One of our favourite Hampshire agencies, Giraffe is a Social Media Specialist, providing social media management to help businesses reach their digital marketing objectives. They’ve helped brands like Cluse, Tracker and Eko Atlantic with content creation, social media management and influencer marketing.

Clever Marketing is a digital marketing agency that offers social media marketing & web design, content marketing & SEO. They’ve helped Caltest, Silvermere, Inn on the Lake and WeeeCycle reach their marketing objectives.

This is a specialist growth marketing agency. They undertake a lot of website redesigns and branding projects, including for clients such as the Palaeontographical Society, Aqua and Margaux Mae.

If a bespoke web build is what you’re after then Eldo are one of the best. They use their own platform to create functional and beautiful websites for their clients including Sychem, Lendrum’s Driving School and 2 Teck.

Tillison Consulting is a self-proclaimed vanguard of the digital marketing industry. Named after the founder, Mark Tillison, they offer a range of services including SEO, PPC and web design. Over the years they’ve worked with a range of clients including Lockers Park, Hercules Events and the Shalimar Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

Rooster is a full-service marketing agency. They have excellent credentials in graphic design and as well as offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester they also have one in Winchester. They’ve developed notable, creative campaigns in the past for clients such as Sloane Stanley, Elekta and John Guest.

Vertical leap is part of the huge Sideshow Group, with 800+ staff worldwide. Offering services in data analytics, SEO, CRO and more, over the years they’ve undertaken search marketing for clients like Keytech, Sarah Raven, and Ontrack.

Evisible deliver a wide variety of Digital Media services, including; Website Design, Build and Management, Email Marketing and List building. Some of their clients include Creative Creations, George Mae and Bloodcube

Five by Five is a global independent integrated creative agency with offices in London, Sydney, LA and Southampton. They have an exciting roster of clients with expertise in a number of categories including, video gaming, financial services, charity & not-for-profit and increasingly with environmental and sustainability focused brand partners.

A New Forest based web design agency and winners of the South of England Prestige Awards’ ‘Web Design Agency of the Year’ for Hampshire. Graphics Bite undertake work for local tradesmen and eCommerce businesses and have clients such as Christchurch Care, New Forest Signs and Le Petit Lac in their roster.

One2Create are a marketing agency who specialise in branding, web and print design. Based out of Droxford they work with clients such as Beemyminder, Alpha Pets and HCS Safety.

Mrs Digital work in partnership with clients such as JustKampers, ramsac and Alan Greenwood & Sons funeral directors. They offer web design, marketing and branding services from their base in Fleet.

McGinn & Dolphin has been helping clients in Hampshire to grow their businesses online since 2016. They’ve developed a reputation for helping clients like the Time to be ME beauty salon, Securit Locks and Keys, an independent locksmith and Vaughan Design and Development, a professional interior design and project management company build strategies to keep them on track toward their goals.

A Hampshire-based agency that specialise in SEO. They help businesses in Hampshire to get the rankings they deserve. They’ve worked with clients like Voice Fairy & Rebecca Couture to do just this.

The guys create unique, yet engaging digital marketing campaigns, brand and web designs that are lead generating, for all sizes of business. They’ve worked with brands such as BJH Windows and Conservatories, Growing Revolution and Covers Timber & Builders Merchants.

Why Work With one of the top Hampshire Digital Marketing Agencies?

If you’re a Hampshire business, or even from further afield, and you have ambitions to do great things, assessing the agencies on this list would be a great place to start.

They will have access to skills, expertise and tools that can help your business achieve more. From data-led agencies to those with experience in specific industries, or complete creative geniuses, they’ll be someone for you in this list.

We hope our round-up of the top digital marketing agencies in Hampshire is useful and that you’ll find someone to suit your specific needs.
If you want to have a chat with us about how we could help you then please get in touch, we love to talk digital and to help businesses like yours grow.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how


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