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Heads In The Clouds

Amazon Advertising and AWS are bolstering one another in pursuit of marketing budgets, Digiday reports.

Both Amazon and Google have deeply intertwined their advertising and cloud businesses via clean rooms, which provide an advertising service built on cloud-based privacy tech. (You heard it here first: The bundling of those products will no doubt become an antitrust focal point.)

In the meantime, though, gotta get those ad dollars.

Amazon Advertising had strong Q4 growth, but AWS felt an advertiser pullback because marketers spent less on online ads (even if they spent more on Amazon ads) and thus required less analytics computing power.

That’s why AWS’s data clean room solution is a key component of Amazon’s offering.

“Advertisers are increasingly looking at group negotiations and know that they can get better pricing on both fronts [if they discuss things like cloud computing and…

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