Breaking News: WhatsApp Updated With New Features, Know Full Details Here

WhatsApp recently updated its app with a new feature that allows group admins more control over who may join their groups. Group admins may now determine who is allowed to join their groups using the new tool, making it easier for them to manage their groups while maintaining the privacy and security of their members.

When it comes to group invites, the new feature gives group managers three alternatives. The first choice is “Everyone,” which means that anyone without an invitation can join the group. The second choice is “My Contacts,” which means that the group can only be joined by those on the admin’s contact list. The final option is “Nobody,” which means that no one can join the group unless the admin invites them.

This new function will be very beneficial to enterprises, organizations, and other groups that require a high level of privacy and security. Administrators can prevent undesired or…

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