What makes a brand luxury?

Well, there is no sure answer to this. It is an amalgamation of the rarity of the brand’s products, quality, craftsmanship and history and heritage. People pay more for premium products because luxury brands offer their consumers exactly what they are looking for and, sometimes, more. However, becoming a luxury brand requires time, consistency and, most importantly – innovative marketing strategies.

Luxury brands spend approx 33% of their advertising budgets about digital marketing. The statistics are enough to tell you the importance of strategic advertising. To help you start your advertising strategies journey, we have listed some luxury brand advertising campaigns in this article.


Whether your brand falls under the luxury bracket or you strive to bring it, this article speaks to businesses that belong to both categories.

How to market luxury brands and products

The advertising strategy of luxury brands depends on factors such as its target audience, budget, resources, etc. However, there are some generic ways to devise advertising strategies.

Let’s look at three simple ways to market luxury brands and products.

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Use high quality photos

Good quality photos of a product make the addition of the term luxury before the product easily.

High-quality photos evoke the required emotions in consumers that create brand awareness and help in marketing the product, leaving a lasting impact on the user.


A few key benefits of good product photos are:

  • High-quality visuals immediately attract the user’s eyes and evoke a specific emotion. Additionally, a constellation creates aspiration among its target audience.
  • You can convey your brand story and values ​​through images that capture and communicate the essence of your brand.
  • With high-quality photos, you can show even the most mundane and fine detail of the product with greater ease.
  • Showing your product through a specific environment or by associating with an influencer sets an aspiration in the minds of consumers.
  • High-quality photos attract more followers, which cultivates a solid consumer base.

Use aspirational language

Images allow buyers to imagine themselves as part of the lifestyle represented in the image should they choose to purchase a product. However, also make sure to emphasize the use of aspirational text with images to provoke action among the consumers. Statements like set the benchmark or go beyond the benchmark set the image’s tone even more.

Examples of aspirational words include – eventually, dreamy, ambition, etc. Use words that express desire and compel the user to at least visualize themselves using the brand’s product or being willing to use it.

Remember, luxury is not just about a product being expensive. In fact, the exclusivity of the product and the vocabulary used to market and promote it in a way that appeals to the users cumulatively make it a luxury effect.

It is therefore wise to cooperate luxury marketing agencies to create exclusive marketing strategy for your brand.

Focus on the history and heritage of your brand

A luxury brand marketing strategy should include the why. Conveying the story behind the brand and explaining the values ​​that define the brand is a stepping stone to effective luxury marketing.

Expressing your brand values ​​to the users generates advocacy for your brand online. Despite knowing this, many brands still focus on what they do instead of why they do what they do. So whether you’re a small business ready to upgrade your marketing strategy or a luxury brand ready to revamp your luxury brand marketing strategy, make sure all your products have a story behind their existence.

Now that we know ways of luxury marketing, let’s call in some brand campaigns that have won the hearts of its consumers.

Gucci’s 100 campaign celebrates its 100th year

Gucci’s 100 campaign celebrates the fashion house’s 100th year by taking its consumers through the laudable musical moments of the last century. The video pays tribute to the house’s legacy by featuring diverse characters moving through the different generations of music.

This marketing and advertising campaign of Gucci is the correct example of fantastic storytelling and bringing nostalgia to consumers. Through the video, the house assures its audience that they have seen a lot and that they will be there to see more. It does not make a distinction between the past and the future.

Louis Vuitton’s Dapperheid collection celebrating its founder’s 200th anniversary

While there are many social media campaigns for fashion, Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest fashion conglomerates, hard to beat. Louis Vuitton celebrated the 200th anniversary of its founder Louis Vitton by including the jewelry in the brand’s history.

The ad is the perfect example of brand storytelling and evoking an emotion in the viewers. The video makes the viewers feel empowered as it shows a woman’s journey, and the background music adds to the effect it aims to create. The ad was made in memory of Louis, barely a teenager, when he decided to set foot in Parish to eventually become a legend in the fashion industry. Bravery is a collection of ninety pieces of jewelry that celebrates his courageous spirit. Louis Vuitton’s motherrchain strategy has always been effective, enabling the brand to grow into one of the most famous luxury brands in the world.

Chanel’s spring-summer 2023

Chanel promoting its spring-summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection is the prime example of how luxury advertising can be visually appealing but simplistic.

For this year’s spring-summer campaign, actress Kristen Stewart is seen wearing a timeless and sophisticated summer look against a black and white Paris backdrop and the South of France.

The images were shot to capture the essence of spring and summer and make you crave the look. You feel warm and fresh by looking at Chanel’s images. These are the positive feelings that consumers ultimately associate with the brand.

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Luxury brand marketing is successful when the brand creates a solid image and mystery around its specific product. As luxury brands have a very idiosyncratic consumer base, they need to present themselves in an exclusive and aspirational way. The campaigns mentioned in this article will help you start your brand’s advertising journey.

However, to market effectively, you need to thoroughly understand your brand needs and devise campaigns that address or express those needs.

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