Today, we are bringing you a collection of InDesign booklet templates. Tailored for the creatives, marketers, designers, and visionaries out there, these templates are curated to perfect your marketing, branding, or intricate design projects.

By utilizing an InDesign booklet template, you can make a significant impact in your marketing and promotion efforts, ensuring your final piece is not just stylish but also purposeful. Crafted by professional designers, these booklet templates will certainly elevate your projects beyond expectations. We made sure to include a wide array of templates for all kinds of projects and campaigns.

But that’s not all! We have prepared something a little extra for you. There’s also a tutorial on how to make a booklet in InDesign. This step-by-step guide ensures that you are not just equipped with design templates but also the knowledge of constructing a compelling booklet. Let’s get started.

Case Study Booklet InDesign Template

If you’re looking to streamline the process of creating case studies, check out the Case Study Booklet InDesign Template. Compatible with InDesign and complete with easy-to-edit sections for problem statements, solutions, and results, this template ensures a professional, comprehensive report. It’s fully customizable and comes in A4 size with added bleed margins.

Portfolio Booklet InDesign Template

This InDesign booklet template is an excellent option for creating portfolios. It caters to various print sizes, including US letter and A4 portrait and landscape versions as well as 8×8 square booklets, all complemented by 24 customized pages. Being compatible with InDesign CS4 and its higher versions, it also utilizes CMYK color mode.

Creative Resume Booklet InDesign Template

A creative InDesign booklet template for creating professional resumes. It’s an adaptable, professional-grade portfolio solution. Specifically designed to cater to all industry types, it offers ten fully customizable A4 pages, with optimized 300 DPI and print-ready CMYK. Compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 and later, this template also includes free fonts.

Stylish Case Study Booklet InDesign Template

A stylish InDesign Template for crafting case study booklets. The template is fully editable in various formats including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and comes ready to print in a standard paper size with a CMYK color scheme. The template’s clean design is supported by well-organized layers and editable colors, fonts, and image placeholders.

Modern Portfolio InDesign Booklet Template

This InDesign booklet template has a superbly organized, layered design perfect for showcasing your business projects. Compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 through CC and Microsoft Word, it includes 32 pages, free fonts, icons, and editable brand colors. The template separates images, text, and background for easy customization.

Furniture Lookbook Booklet InDesign Template

This InDesign booklet template is a handy tool for producing professional lookbook catalog brochures. The template, tailored for A4 and US letter sizes, is print-ready and designed in an elegant CMYK format at 300 DPI. You can fully customize each page to change colors, fonts, and images according to your needs.

Business Brochure InDesign Booklet Template

This InDesign booklet template is a highly versatile design perfect for crafting business brochures. It’s compatible with Adobe Indesign CS4 or later and consists of 28 A4 and US Letter size printable pages. It’s also user-friendly, offering automatic page numbering and easily editable font elements via Paragraph Style.

Resume Booklet (8 pages) InDesign Template

Another versatile and easy-to-use InDesign booklet template for enhancing your CV. With 8 custom pages in 2 sizes (A4 and US Letter), this InDesign template is compatible with InDesign CS4 and higher versions. The CMYK color mode ensures high-quality prints and digital viewing. You can fully customize it to your preference.

Booklet Brochure InDesign Template

An easy-to-customize InDesign booklet template with a landscape design. It’s perfectly suited for a variety of uses, featuring an A4 size layout, auto page numbering, and a minimalistic, professional design. You can edit text, images, fonts, and more. Although not included, links for the fonts and image placeholders are included as well.

Resume Booklet InDesign Template

This InDesign booklet template is a sync of simplicity and professionalism, providing a neat, minimalistic design perfect for resumes. The template comes with 16 personalized pages, adaptable to A4 and US formats. It’s easy to customize and promises quick edits and retains a high-resolution print quality of 300dpi in CMYK.

Damelan - Case Study Booklet InDesign Template

The Damelan is an InDesign template offering a clean, creative layout for booklet brochures. Its user-friendly design allows for easy edits and duplications, and it comes with a variety of features including auto page number, layered document, and free fonts. The document is print-ready, equipped with 36 pages in A4 and letter size.

A5 Beauty - InDesign Booklet Template

This is an InDesign booklet template with a sleek A5 landscape design, perfect for creating fashion booklets. The template features three color versions, 28 pages in 12 spreads, and is fully editable. It is not only ideal for the fashion industry but is versatile enough to be used for photography, product catalogs, presentations, and more.

Creative Portfolio Booklet InDesign Template

An appealing InDesign booklet template designed with modern minimalism. Best used for portfolios for creative agency, branding, project designs, and more. This template, available in A4 and US Letter sizes, features 16 adaptable pages. You can quickly insert text, images, and alter colors to create a professional booklet.

Professional Resume Booklet for InDesign

This InDesign booklet template offers a sleek, professional design in two print-ready sizes (A4 and US letter). It features 8 customizable pages, CMYK color mode, and is compatible with InDesign CS4 and above. It has a professional page design that’s ideal for a range of business and corporate projects.

Clean Case Study Booklet InDesign Template

A convenient InDesign booklet template that simplifies compiling comprehensive case studies for diverse purposes like education, business, or research. Boasting an easily editable professional design compatible with InDesign, it offers structured sections for problem description, solutions, and analysis.

Business Case Study Booklet InDesign Template

This is a sleek, modern, and professional InDesign booklet template ideal for updating or creating business case studies. You can easily modify colors and text with immediate access to files upon purchase. It encompasses a clean design, standard paper size, and utilizes a CMYK color scheme. This print-ready, fully editable tool is compatible with InDesign and includes links to free fonts used.

Unique Case Study Booklet Design Template

Check out this InDesign booklet template, a perfect template for showcasing business accomplishments. Functional yet sophisticated, this InDesign-compatible template offers a clean, professional layout for detailed case studies, enabling your stories to truly stand out. Customize it to suit your needs, enjoy its elegant graphics, and trust in its print-ready design.

Interior Design Booklet Template for InDesign

A versatile InDesign booklet template for creating captivating catalogs and brochures. Configured in A5 size landscape format, this asset features 24 pages, two color versions, and printable templates. It comes loaded with Adobe InDesign CS4, INDD and IDML files, helpful PDF and links to Rockwell, Raleway, and Niagara Solid fonts.

Catarina - Fashion Booklet InDesign Template

The Catarina is a perfect booklet template for showcasing fashion photography, cosmetics, spa services, and a variety of other product catalogs. It’s an easy-to-use, print-ready template that’s designed in A5 size and offers 22 pages for you to utilize creatively. You can fully customize each page to your preference as well.

Simple Case Study Booklet InDesign Template

A simple InDesign booklet template that offers a clean and creative design for various project purposes. Its user-friendly layout makes it easy to edit and customize. Features include A4 and US letter sizes, 16 custom pages, and compatibility with InDesign CS4 or higher versions. The template provides high-quality imaging with CMYK color mode and includes a helpful font link.

Minimal Portfolio - InDesign Booklet with Resume

This is an elegantly simple InDesign booklet template, superb for showcasing your work. It includes 36 A4 and letter pages, supports CMYK color mode, and is compatible with InDesign CS4 or higher versions. It also allows easy editing and optimal print-out results.

Portfolio Brochure InDesign Booklet Template

A sleek and professional InDesign booklet template ideal for creating portfolio booklets. With 32 customizable pages, you can easily drop in your images and texts, making it perfect for showcasing photographs, products, or services. Editing is straightforward in both Photoshop and InDesign, with easy color modifications and automatic page numbering.

Auguste - InDesign Booklet Brochure Template

Auguste is a sleek, professional InDesign booklet template designed for promotional campaigns. Ideal for businesses, newsletters, photographers, agencies, or architects, this template includes 24 pages complete with master pages, automatic page numbering, and paragraph styles. It is print-ready at 300 DPI, easily customized, and uses free fonts for a clean, modern aesthetic.

How to Make an InDesign Booklet

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to create a booklet in InDesign.

Step 1: Set Up Your Document

Create a new document in InDesign by selecting ‘File’ > ‘New’ > ‘Document’. Choose ‘Print’ from the options and set the page size to your desired booklet size. Set the number of pages (ensure it’s a multiple of 4 for booklet layout) and add margins and bleeds as required.

Step 2: Design Your Master Pages

Navigate to the ‘Pages’ panel. Double-click on the ‘A-Master’ page to edit. Design your master pages, which typically include headers, footers, and page numbers. Apply this master layout to all pages in your booklet.

Step 3: Add and Format Text

Use the ‘Type Tool’ to add text boxes to your pages. Import or type text, and format using the properties panel for fonts, sizes, and styles to ensure consistency throughout your booklet.

Step 4: Insert Images and Graphics

Place images and graphics by selecting ‘File’ > ‘Place’ and clicking on the area where you want your image. Resize and position the images as needed. Use the ‘Links’ panel to manage and update your images.

Step 5: Organize Pages into Spreads

Ensure your pages are organized into spreads, which represent how they will appear when printed and folded. Rearrange pages in the ‘Pages’ panel so they match the order of your final booklet.

Step 6: Apply Color and Effects

Use the ‘Swatches’ and ‘Effects’ panels to apply color schemes and effects like shadows or transparency to add a professional touch to your booklet.

Step 7: Proofread and Review

Thoroughly proofread your booklet for any typographical or layout errors. Preview the booklet in ‘Presentation Mode’ (View > Screen Mode > Presentation Mode) to see how it will look when printed.

Step 8: Export Your Booklet

Once you’re satisfied, export your booklet by going to ‘File’ > ‘Export’. Choose ‘Adobe PDF (Print)’ as the format. Use the ‘Marks and Bleeds’ settings to include crop marks and bleeds if needed for professional printing.

Step 9: Print or Distribute

Print a test copy of your booklet on a standard printer or send the PDF to a professional printing service. If distributing digitally, ensure the file size is optimized for email or web download.

If you prefer a visual guide, you can check out this free video tutorial on YouTube.


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