The growing number of home owners who are going for mortgage or foreclosure, companies such as banks declaring bankruptcies, and the huge approved bailout by the U.S. government are more than enough reason for you to believe that these are actually the hard times, and in fact, Sarah Palin may have been right in her assessment that we are in Great Depression.

However, do these changes have certain hold on online marketing? Perhaps one of the least vulnerable elements in business marketing is online marketing. After all, there are a lot of techniques that can give your results even if they are for free. They are also a lot cheaper than offline advertising. If there’s one good reason why there will be a drop of companies and even business owners who will go for this strategy, it would be because they are definitely following a very strict budget, which prevent them to go all the way with PPC advertising and other modes that require investment.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that online marketers are or will be complacent. They are going for the Pareto principle, which means finding a method that will require less investment, both in time and effort, but will yield very high results. One of these is local search marketing. This technique will practically allow businesspersons to bring their products and services to more targeted customers, those who are really willing to buy or have huge possibility to do so.

For them to be successful, though, they need to focus more on their reviews and customer ratings. When they are able to acquire as many as they can, they will quickly build up their good reputation in the industry. It’s also highly important that the keywords used in the websites are targeted. This will permit businesses to bring in clients who are really looking for their business in the first place.

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