If you want to impress Google, you only have to do one thing: be relevant. In this day and age, where webmasters are hungrier for higher traffic and page rank no matter the strategy they are going to implement, there are already plenty of misleading or wrong information. There are also a lot of content that are usually junk, which means they really don’t contain significant amount of information and are just being published because they are so-called keyword rich.

Sleazy campaigns for websites don’t work for Google, and neither does it in Internet users. However, not a lot of people do understand the concept of relevancy either. How do you exactly make your website or your business relevant?

1. It should be able to encourage interaction. Relevant content is always considered a good one, and when it is, it encourages discussion among the Internet community. Perhaps your article link will be passed on from friends to friends, published in another website, or you can watch your number of comments shoot up in no time. The aftereffect of this will not only be an increase in traffic but an increase in page rank. Moreover, because Google can see you as something relevant, you can find yourself positioned a lot better than your other competitors.

2. Be an authority. Relevancy also comes with authority. Your views are considered to be in time and factual if you can position yourself as an authority in your chosen field. You can do so by backing up your content information with facts, not just opinions. You can look for previous research, or you can gather testimonials and observations of professionals and experts. Another excellent benefit of sounding like an authority is that it becomes a lot easier for you to sell your services and products since people already trust you.

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