Just when you think that you already know everything about link building, think again. There are actually a lot of ways to do link building, and all these have impact on how links are added as backlinks in webpages.

For example, if you happen to check out the links of websites of huge companies such as Nike.com (you can do this by clicking on Domain in Search Status in Mozilla Firefox or by typing linkdomain:nike.com in Google), you will see that there are around 3,620 backlinks on their domain alone. However, if you’re going to take a look at them closely a good portion of them are actually links coming from the internal pages of the website. These webpages have already been indexed by Google and have earned some page ranks, which then pulls the overall page rank of the website up.

On the other hand, when you’re link building, you may also want to pay attention to the page rank of your competitors. Why? You may also want to get the inbound links that are allowing them to rank highly. You can do so by doing the same thing we did with Nike.com. You can just go to Google and type linkdomain:(the website of your competitor) or click on SearchStatus..

Nevertheless, there’s one thing you need to remember. You have to make sure that you can link only to those websites that have not been linking to you yet. Otherwise, they may find it offensive, and they may remove you from their list. But how do you exactly screen out those inbound links? Let’s say your competitor is www.notme.com. You can search through Google and type in linkdomain:www.notme.com –linkdomain:www.mywebsite.com.

With a combination of good inbound links from your internal and external pages, you can certainly look forward to better page rank for your website.

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