As Google, the biggest search engine in the World Wide Web, becomes stricter in implementing a set of search algorithms (most commonly known as the Google Panda) to filter low quality contents and becomes serious with their campaign to eradicate duplicate contents like those in content farm websites, search marketing professionals also need to change their strategies to cope up with the penalties, and loss of traffic and profits.

Gone are those days wherein spun article submissions on private blog networks were used as the main content marketing strategy in building authority back-links.  Google has now the capability of detecting low quality contents through user and social media signals, bounce rate, and other undisclosed factors that they use in ranking a page.

With the rise of Google Panda, the need of producing unique and high quality content becomes one of the most important factors that would determine the success or failure of your online business.  This situation makes Guest Blogging very popular and in demand in most SEO Services all over the web. 

So, what is Guest Blogging?  It is simply the publishing of an article you write on another blog wherein at the bottom of it, an author bio is stated with a link to your website.  For example you have an article about Web site development, the very first thing you need to do is to look for blogs in the website development (or similar) niche and ask the owner of the blog if he can publish your write up.  If he will like your article, he will publish it on his blog, giving you a free do-follow backlink.

To help you see more the importance of Guest Blogging, below is the list of its top benefits and advantages that new and veteran search marketers should be aware of.

Effective in Creating Quality Back-links – In guest blogging, the back-links you created are of sure quality because they are coming from high authority sites related to your niche.  In Google’s latest Panda update, the surrounding content where your link is located should be relevant to your anchor text, otherwise, there’s a high probability that the search engine bot will consider your link as a spam.

Helps you Build Relevant Network of Websites – Having lots of quality and relevant websites where you can regularly publish a guest post entry is of great advantage to your offsite optimization campaign most especially if you have lots of websites waiting to be promoted.

Helps you Drive Traffic to your Website – As your guest article is published on an authority blog, there’s a high probability that the blog’s daily visitors and readers will also check your website, thus giving your site a boost of traffic and even followers if they will find your content helpful and worthy to be read or shared.

Helps you Establish Connection with Industry Leaders – As a search marketer, you should know how to market and position yourself as one of the leaders of your niche.  In guest blogging, you are compelled to contact and interact with fellow bloggers and search marketers.  This would give you a chance to promote your business through the tone and quality of your articles and also, the way you interact and communicate online.  You can even start a meet up with these individuals to start a long-lasting business relationship.

Helps you build a Credible Online Reputation – Part of Google Panda’s update is the filtering of credible authors from non-credible ones.  This is to determine the quality of a website’s content by how much authority or credibility the author of a certain website or page has in his niche.  In guest blogging, your online credibility is ensured because it is greatly vouched by all those websites and blogs where you published your guest posts.

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