Myths are very common and can sometimes trip you up on your way to success. You should always be mindful of the theories and myths floating around your business. While taking a business decision it is common to take advice and suggestions from experienced and senior folks in the field. However, swift through the information and never base your decisions on a myth surrounding the subject.

A good way to counter myths and the confusion they can bring is through research. Researching in detail about the subject can clear up the myths and give you a better understanding of the subject. Sometimes these baseless myths can prevent you from maximizing the prospective growth of your business. 

Some of the common questions or baseless website myths that could hinder the growth of your company are – 

  • Business websites are too expensive to afford
  • A Facebook page is a good alternative to a website
  • Expecting to receive thousands of visitors as soon as you create a website for your business

Here are some details about the most common and popular myths and the truth about the subject – 

Myth 1: Your Business Is Too Small For a Website

The website for your business is not proportional to its size or the revenue it makes. Websites for a business is an absolute necessity because 90% of people look online before buying. It is a way for your customers to find you on the Internet and engage with you for business. The unfortunate truth is that almost 40% of small businesses do not have a website.

This is also one of the greatest misconceptions among small business owners. They often tend to think that you need a website only if you are selling products or services online. This is not true. You need a website to create an online presence for your business. Here are a few basic advantages of owning a website – 

  • Gain credibility and trust for your business, 
  • Helps minimize your overhead expenses, 
  • expand your customer reach to include people who search for products online
  • Helps improve your customer service

Myth 2: Building a Website Is a One Time Job

Many small business owners are under the assumption that they can build a website and forget about it. This is not true. A robust website requires constant updates to stay fresh and “valid” to the search engine’s guidelines. A website needs to be updated with latest trends and web design to stay relevant. 

Your website is the face of your business in the online realm. A potential customer will see you as a professional if you have a professional looking website and similarly if it is outdated or cluttered it is the same impression he will have about your business. 

Myth 3: A Website Is Just an Online Brochure

This might have been the truth decades ago but not today. Now a day an online brochure of your business is a simple PDF file that can be downloaded from the website.  A business website contains much more details about the business and the products or services they offer. Here are a few basic functions of the website – 

  • It Interacts with the customers
  • It displays useful contents about the business (Beliefs of the business, info about business owners, etc.)
  • It conducts surveys
  • Enables you to make subscriptions
  • Improves customer services


The above mentioned are just a few common myths that small business owners believe. Believing in such baseless myths and as a result not having a professional website for your business can cut off a huge section of potential customers and stunts the growth of your business.