Dallas, Texas (OneSEOCompany.com) — There are lots of speculations on what is really the absolute algorithm Google used in ranking webpages.  Fact is, Google had actually released a patent on August 10 of 2006 on how they rank millions of sites all over the web.  Though the patent may not be as complete (as they have already done thousands of improvements including Google Panda since that year), those ranking factors are still the primary components on how they rate online portals.

Google SEO is a continuous process of improvements that challenges the optimization skills of many search professionals.   Although this is the common case, experts on the field know that the safest way to go is to keep a consistent watch of the main on-site ranking factors Google has released over half a decade ago.

The following is the list of Google’s important on-site ranking factors mentioned on their patent.

The importance of Keyword in Your Domain Name – Google gives importance on the keywords in your domain name.  It is one of the factors on how they classify what type of contents your website has.  If you want to rank for the keyword “search engine”, you must buy a domain with that keyword on it (i.e. searchenginemaster.com, searchenginelord.com, etc…).

The importance of Keyword in Your Title Tag – In crawling for specific type of contents, one of the very first factors that a Google spider inspects on a page is the title tag.  It must not be less than 10 characters but also not more than 60.

The importance of Keyword in Your URL – The keywords or keyword on your URL helps the Google bot know what specific content you are displaying on that page. If you are publishing a new blog post about “search engine” it’s a must that “search engine” should be found on your URL (i.e. www.searchenginemaster.com/what-is-a-search-engine.html).

Keep a closer watch on Your External-Pages Keywords – You should not just link to any websites, especially to link farms and other illegal or malicious online portals.  Google specifically mention on their patent that it can result to demotion or decrease in ranking.

Keep a steady Creation of Fresh Pages – Google prefers websites that regularly produce new and fresh contents.  This is the very reason why blogs receive more favor from most search engines.

Keep a steady Creation of Fresh Links – Similar to freshness of contents, Google also love a steady creation of links but this is only ideal for big and trusted sites.

Avoid Constant Page Editing – This can cause inconsistency and can lead to suspicion of malicious manipulations.  Google doesn’t recommend constant editing of pages.

Our SEO Company employs an intelligent strategy that put Google’s ranking factors in priority during implementation process.  Our Search Professionals are experts in Google SEO campaigns who aim on making your website reach the highest rank in Google’s result pages.