Similar with Facebook, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media networks online with increasing millions of members.  Its popularity has to do with its social media feature that revolutionizes the popular online activity – “micro-blogging”.

In Twitter, it’s easier to publish what you think or what you wanted to share through tweeting.  You can also search for any topics you wanted to see by using a hash-tag.  For example, if you’re looking for a topic about personal injury lawyers, you just have to use # before your keywords (i.e.  #personal injury lawyers).  You can also see what other tweeters (people who use twitter to communicate with other people inside twitter) are talking in your locality as the hottest discussion will appear as a trending topic on your local Twitter stream located at the right corner of your home page.

How to Use Twitter to Attract Potential Clients

Many successful businesses make use of the power of Twitter to promote their products and services to their target audience.  This can also be done in any law firm web marketing campaign which needs immediate social media touches to boost traffic and rankings.  If done correctly, the following tips can be of great help to attract potential clients.

Be reachable – Make use of your twitter account to reconnect with friends, former clients, and new friends.  Project a tweeter image of openness and amicability.  Always make sure that you reply to every tweet inquiry of your followers.  Be careful with dealing with anonymous tweeters though especially those people with bad or malicious intentions.

Influence the influencers – In Twitter, it’s more important to establish good relationships with the influencer circles.  These tweeters are usually the ones with lots of followers and are trusted as credible sources of information.  Influencers include celebrities, politicians, journalist, bloggers, and even lawyers.  Your tweeted link (redirecting to   your awesome legal services) being re-tweeted by these influencers can do so much promotion to your business.

Provide answers – Brand yourself as an expert in your field and provide free answers to legal questions asked by fellow tweeters.   You will just be surprised at how people can show their gratitude by way of referring you to clients or just by simply telling people that you are an awesome lawyer.

Join a tweeter community – A tweeter community can help you a lot especially when it comes to making a buzz about your business.  For example you can ask your community members to help you out in spreading the news detailing the latest FDA warning about the complications of surgical mesh implants and where to seek help if they want to be compensated.  They would be willing to help in spreading this information because it has to do with a product that can potentially cause health problems to people.

Tweet, tweet, tweet – Never stop tweeting but do it in regular basis.  Tweet at least twice a day or more if needed.  Tweet important links of your website or blog updates that interest your followers.  Also, always make sure to check who re-tweeted your tweets and make it a habit to show your appreciation by thanking or tweeting back.

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