Increase your Facebook Fan Page Followers through Google SEO

May 7, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Business Tip)

Creating a large following of fans through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is one of the most effective Social Media Marketing strategy used by many businesses nowadays.  The millions of members from these social media networks are compelled to show their loyalty to the services or products they love by liking its fan page and becoming avid followers.

One important part of internet marketing that hasn’t been fully tapped yet by most online professionals is the used of Google SEO in increasing the number of fans or followers of a business or product’s Facebook Fan page.

Google SEO and your Facebook Fan Page

Google SEO, in simple layman’s term, is the use of strategies to rank on top of Google’s search result pages.  The billions of daily searches performed by millions of users in Google Search is a gold mine where most successful online businesses have been leveraging from.  Making use of Google SEO to push your Facebook fan page on top of Google’s search result pages would also increase your number of followers and fans.

Increasing your Facebook Page followers through Google SEO

To help you increase your Facebook followers through employing the help of Google SEO, here are basic search engine optimizations tips that you need to follow.

Customize your fan page’s URL – Personalized your Facebook page URL (i.e.  Facebook allows page owners to have their own URL name and they can change it as long as the followers of the page haven’t reached 100 yet.  Putting your business name in your page URL increases its visibility because Google loves to index Facebook pages.

Feature your fan page in your blogs and websites – Promoting your Facebook fan page on other social media platforms like blogs and other social networks (i.e. twitter) increases its website commendations necessary for webpages to appear on top of Google’s search result pages.

Use target keywords in your profile information page – Write a compelling and detailed description about your product or service on your profile page and don’t forget to include your target keywords.  Write it for people first but add the basic elements to enable search engines to find your page easily.

Distribute a Press Release mentioning your Facebook Page – Never forget to mention and put a back-link of your Facebook fan page in every press release you’ll submit online.  Published press releases also provide high value and high authority back-links to help your page appear on top of Google’s search result pages.

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