The recent lashing of Google’s quality assurance beast, the Panda, left search marketers an important lesson to learn – never associate your link with spams.

In search engine optimization, some web marketers tend to overdo the process of creating back-links to the point that there are too many of them that it becomes suspicious.  Also, for the sake of increasing the number of website commendations, some link-builders create back-links on webpages filled with spam contents.  This may have worked before but it’s totally different now.

Top 4 Most Abused Link-Building Strategies

As links are the fuel that keeps websites afloat on top of search engine rankings, the ability to create relevant and valuable back-links is a very important factor that affects a successful SEO campaign.  But, as the demand for more back-links increases, some link-builders adapt desperate measures to keep up, forgetting that quality is more important than quantity.  Below is a list of the top 4 most abused link-building strategies which are already devalued by most search engines today.

Profile Creation – The practice of abusing profile creation to produce numerous back-links has already been equated to spamming by most search engines.  Angela and Paul’s list of high-PR websites where you can create a profile with a free back-link on it might sound so good before, but it’s the other way around nowadays.

Blog Commenting – Probably the most abused link-building strategy (that you can see blog posts being spammed by thousands of comments).  The unsuspecting blog owner who set his blog comment to auto approve were being targeted by greedy spammers, all ready to trash their garbage links to any blog sites.  But, thanks to Google’s search algorithm, this abuse doesn’t work well anymore.

Article Submission – Same with blog commenting, the abuse of article submission to private blog networks has already been detected by most search engines especially by Google.  The days when Private Blog networks are cashing big time from companies (who pay for every successfully submitted article) has come to an end.  There’s no use anymore in submitting your articles to these private blog networks as they are already being penalized and de-indexed by Google.

Forum Commenting – Though this may seem to work for some, forum commenting especially if abused offers less or no value at all.  Your forum signature shamelessly displaying numerous links to your websites won’t really look good especially to the eyes of most search engines.

Our SEO Company knows well the importance of maintaining trust between your website and the search engines.  Our experienced and adept Link-builders only employ ethical strategies (prioritizing quality over quantity) to provide long-term benefits, giving your online business an edge both in rankings and in profitability.

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