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May 17, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Business Tip, Design Tips)

Blog Design Tips: Top 10 Effective Ways to Improve Readability

Blogging nowadays is one of the famous online activities adopted by most businesses (both online and offline) by incorporating it into their internet marketing strategy to increase conversions and leads.

As content and design are important elements for a successful blog, you, as bloggers should be compelled to develop a blog site that visually appeals to your readers.  One of the most important factors of a well-structured blog design is the readability of the content.  To improve your reader’s experience, it is necessary that your contents are readable.

Below are the top 10 effective ways to improve the readability of your blog site.  Read them thoroughly and apply them on your blog.

1. Pick a light background color – The most recommended background color for blogs is usually of light color especially white or white-gray.  Others also prefer light blue or any calm colors that do not hurt the eyes.

2. Keep your paragraph short – Long and dwindling paragraphs are boring and often discourage readers to read your content.  Short paragraphs improve readability and compel your visitors to read as they are easy to understand.

3. Pick an easy-to-read font – The style of your font also plays a role in making your content more readable.  Choose fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, or Georgia.

4. Put appropriate space lines between paragraphs – Do not jumble your paragraph spacing with your sentence spacing.  Let your readers breathe a fresh air of space after every paragraph.

5. Keep your sentence brief – As much as possible, keep your sentence short.  Only write long sentences if they are badly needed to organize the main thought of your article.

6. Learn when to use lists or bullets – Lists and bullets help a lot if you are enumerating some important points.  Most readers find bulleted or listed items easier to read.

7. Learn how to place image or photo – Most readers prefer to read articles with images or photos.  When placing a photo in an article, be sure to put a space after the photo to clearly separate it from your text.  Center alignment is also more preferable but it also depends on the overall design of your blog.

8. Italicize your postscripts – Make sure to italicize your postscript or your PS if ever you want to include something you forget to mention in the main body your content.

9. Avoid using all capital letters in the body of your article – ALL CAPS (like this), is a mortal sin in the online world.  It is synonymous to shouting and the use of this style when communicating online is considered as a bad manner or ignorance of common internet etiquettes.

10. Use proper hierarchy structure in your document – If you are writing a static page on your website, be sure to include the proper hierarchical structure: Title – Intro – Heading – Text – Subheading – Text – and so on.

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