After finishing the necessary steps on how to set up and make your Google Places page appear online, you are so excited to test how it works.   But, you are a bit disappointed because although you follow all the basic guidelines set by Google, your page only appears at the bottom of the search engine results page.  You just have so many competitors and you know that they are employing some advance strategies to keep their pages on top of the results.

To put your Google Places page at par or on the edge of your competitors, you can try the following effective search engine optimization and marketing tips.  They are proven effective ways to push your Google Places page on top of the ranking ladder.

1.  Insert Appropriate Target Keywords in Your Page Description – Always bear in mind that Google bots are highly text-oriented.  Insert necessary keywords in your page’s description field but do not overdo it.  Your description should be written for human beings first, and second for SE programs.

2.  Invite Bloggers and Actual Users to Review your Products – Create an event exclusive only for bloggers and let them review for example your newly developed software for blogging.  Ask them to use your target keywords as anchor text where they can link your Google Places page.  The backlinks you can gather from their blogs can help a lot in boosting your page ranking.

3.  Link All Positive Reviews to Your Google Places Page – Gather all positive reviews (published articles online) and index and re-indexed them in all top search engines.  Also don’t forget to syndicate them to popular social media websites.

4.  Also Create Accounts in Location Based Social Media Sites like Four Square & Facebook – These websites have location based features that enable you to create your official business page via entering your actual location.  This will enable Four Square and Facebook Places users to check in or log-in in your place.  Make sure that they are connected to your Google Places page.

5.  Encourage your Clients to Log-in on Your Place – If you have a restaurant or a coffee shop, offering a free internet service (i.e. Wi-Fi) to your customers is a great motivation to let them check in on your place every time they visit.  More check-ins means an increase in popularity which could attract more potential customers.  Just last year, Google Places has already enabled their check-in feature.

6.  Reward your Loyal Customers – Always reward those who constantly patronize your products and services.  Their loyalty can go a long way and they can become your business’ best promoters.

7.  Update your Google Places Page – Don’t forget to keep your customers up to date with the latest development and changes about your business.  Outdated information can create a bad impression for your business.

8.  Register and List your Page on other Local Directory Websites – Look for local directory websites that are quite popular and list your Google Places page.  Aside from the back-links you can get from these websites, you can also benefit from the usual amount of referral traffic they can channel to your page.

9.  Display your Google Places Page on your Websites and Blogs – Always make sure to mention your page on your blog post, display it on your website, and just make sure people know that you have a Google Places page.  Your established websites and blogs can help a lot in pushing the ranking of your page.

10.  Track your Page’s visits through number of traffic and clicks – You should be able to see if your new strategies work.  Keeping track of your page’s statistics can greatly help you do adjustments or do additional campaigns to increase your Google Places page visibility and ranking.

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