Social media really helps a lot of small businesses nowadays.  From Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, to Pinterest and Google+, a lot of success stories are posted all over the web on how business owners manage to pull effective social media stints and attract the right kind of audiences.  All these social media sites are quite popular and well established, but there is one among them that surpasses a webmaster’s every expectation – Google+.

Google+ is Google’s social networking website reportedly launched to compete with Facebook.  But, it is not just a mere Facebook competitor.  It is Google’s ultimate social media weapon that integrates all its powerful web services – Search, Youtube, Business, and a lot more.  For search professionals and website owners, Google+ is no ordinary social media tool.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a better social media platform to market your products and services, then you should start moving in to Google+ now.  Here are some reasons why you should.

1.  It is created with business in mind.  Business and networking always go hand in hand.  Google+ is mainly created for business, thus it sure has all the features that are more beneficial for business owners.  The Google+ Local page, the search integration, and every business feature that they will be adding in the future are all for business purposes.

2.  It has better user interface compared to other social networking sites.  This is the obvious reason why more and more people are shifting to Google+.  Its user interface is simply great.  Its circles are awesome as you don’t need to add or accept friends anymore.  It also has better photo tagging feature, better game implementation, non-intrusive notifications, and instant profile set up especially if you already have your own Gmail account.

3.  Its page speed is pretty fast.  Webmasters and business people have no time to wait for a very slow page to finish loading.  Google+ is so far the fastest social networking site in terms of speed.  Photo and video browsing are more enjoyable as pages load instantly.

4.  It is well integrated with Google Search.  This is the very reason why some webmasters and business owners need no convincing to shift to Google+.  For business websites that greatly rely on Google’s Search traffic, Google+ plays an important role in improving search engine optimization performance.

5.  Better audience targeting options.  Unlike other social media websites, Google+ offers better content exposure through the use of Circles.  You have the option to which group of audiences can see or access your content.

Other great features in Google+ that can’t be found in other social networking websites include hot topics tracker with cool adjustment options, better privacy options,  faster and more dynamic mobile application, and better photo gallery set up.

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