Digital Marketing / SEO Expert Qamar Zaman Talks About Best Twitter Marketing Strategies for Small Business

There’s no limit on what you can learn online more especially if you are good in searching the web. In some cases, it is better to DIY (Do It Yourself) than to wait for an expert to tell you what you need to do. This applies as well if you run out of better ideas on how to improve your Twitter Marketing strategy.

If you are currently looking for new ways or tactics to oomph the strategies you use in your Twitter marketing campaign, you should look for ones which the pros are not telling you. The reason behind in not revealing these tactics is quite obvious – the pros want to always stay on top of the game. Isn’t that what everyone wants to happen? To always have an edge?

Of course, we think differently, thus we are sharing in this blog post some Twitter marketing tactics that you might find useful as they are the usual ones that are seldom mentioned in tips and guides you commonly read in your favorite social media blogs or websites.

8 Twitter Marketing Tactics Experts Won’t Share With You

When 74% of people who follow small and medium businesses on Twitter mainly aims to get product updates, it would be foolish not to exert more effort to reach out to them using better tactics and strategies.

Here, we share to you tactics that some experts are not telling you but the ones you needed the most if you are already running out of ideas to improve your Twitter Marketing strategy.

1. Follow Twitter accounts which interests are highly relevant to yours.

This only applies if you are still new in Twitter or if your follower count is still nominal. If you are a mobile developer company, then it is recommended that you follow Twitter accounts that are into mobile. For example, Android and iPhone fans are more likely to follow you back than those ones who prefer to use their iMac and PC. If you are targeting local audience, make sure that you are following those ones who specified their area or location.

This is actually a tried and proven strategy that also works well if you want to continue growing your Twitter followers composed of genuine people who care about your product or service.

2. Retweet and favorite posts from popular accounts that featured your content.

The best way to thank a follower or a Twitter account for posting your content on their stream is to retweet and favorite it. You can also insert a quick thank you note in your post. This may sound really small but this would go far into building a good relationship with people who are interested to connect and follow your brand.

Make the most of your Twitter account by conversing and engaging with influential people most especially those who show interest to your brand. They are leads that are easy to convert and that’s something you should not take for granted.

3. Use Twitter cards to easily capture leads.

Most of you haven’t heard of this yet but this one is quite helpful more especially if your target audience are visually-oriented. You can use a Twitter card in your tweet if you want to capture the email address of those people who click it. You then have to compile this list and use them in distributing newsletters and other important announcements about your brand.
Learn how to create your very own Twitter card by following these five simple steps.

4. Tweet highly relevant posts from popular blogs/websites and tag their authors.

If you run out of content to share, you can check for posts relevant to your brand and share them to your followers. You should not forget to mention the author who wrote or created it. This way you can connect with him/her and establish a new relationship.

Initiating engagement to your fellow industry players can help a lot in building your reputation and credibility online.

5. Publish your Instagram photos in Twitter via IFTTT.

According to various studies (, tweets with image have five times engagement rate than those ones that don’t. Instagram photos which are directly published in Twitter don’t show up as photos on your streams and can only be seen as links by your followers.

Using IFTTT can help you publish your Instagram photos as tweet photos instead of just mere links. This would help you attract more people to check them out and increase engagement in the long run. To do this you just need to create a recipe in IFTTT and every time you publish a photo in IG, it will automatically republish on your Twitter.

6. Schedule your tweets and publish them during peak hours.

Manage your Twitter marketing smartly by scheduling what you need to post daily or weekly using a scheduling tool. So far, Buffer is a very efficient tool that can help you schedule your tweets without any hassles. Also, find out the best time wherein your followers are more receptive to your tweets and schedule your posts to get published around those hours.

Note that Buffer is free to use but it would only limit you to schedule 10 posts. If you want to schedule unlimited tweets, you can upgrade to a paid version.

7. Create Twitter lists and customize your conversation and engagement with each one.

From your email list, you can create a Twitter list wherein you can converse with your prospects more personally. By creating a list inside Twitter, you can easily know what they are posting and reply to them whenever a post relevant to your brand comes up.

Creating lists that grouped your followers into current customers, influencers, prospects, and the like would help you understand more their needs and respond to them in timely manner because you can easily see what they are publishing on their timelines.

8. Use a tool to discover what your target audience need in real-time.

If you are a company that develops apps for smartphones and you target a specific area (for example New York) to market your mobile apps, then you need a Twitter tool that can help you find your prospects in real-time whose tweets are highly relevant to your brand.

For example, if you want to market your recently released mobile app designed for people who want to keep track of their weight loss, then using a tool like SocialCentiv, can help you easily find fitness conscious people in New York who are tweeting posts wherein you can reply and suggest to them how your product can answer their needs or solve their problems.


Some of the tips you read online are not always the ones that can help you the most. There are actually some tactics that you need to discover on your own before you can benefit from them. In most cases, these tips are the ones some experts are not willing to share with anyone especially on the internet. But, of course, we are not your typical social media experts, thus we’ve just shared to you the eight tactics that can help you boost your Twitter marketing campaign.

  1. Increase your follower count by following those who have similar interests.
  2. Show gratefulness to those who shared your content through retweeting.
  3. Capture more leads by using Twitter cards.
  4. Share relevant posts and mention their authors to build relationships.
  5. Let your followers see your Instagram photos by publishing them via IFTTT.
  6. Use Buffer to easily schedule your tweets and publish them during “peak hours”.
  7. Create and leverage your Twitter lists.
  8. Use SocialCentiv to easily find prospects and convert them to become paying customers.

Of course, these tips don’t directly guarantee that you’ll accomplish your goal. Always make sure to customize them according to the needs of your business. Good luck!

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