1. Get all the personal details of your client.  Know your client first and identify the following data about him or her:
  • Demographic – Your client’s age, ethnicity, education, household composition, and employment status.
  • Type of Occupation – In what sector of the economy your client belongs.  Is she/he jobless or not.
  • Psychographic Information – Your client’s personality, values, opinions, interests, and lifestyles.
  1. Next, you need to identify what kind of injury he/she suffered.
  • Type of injury
  • Problems she/he was having before coming to you
  • Legal solution that you offered
  • Length of time it takes to get the results
  • Results from the legal team in-charged
  1. Identify the process flow before letting him/her write a Google Review
  • Ask the client for a review before paying him/her the settlement
  • Make sure she/he has a Gmail account – If the client has, then teach him/her how to write review in Google.  If the client has no account, help them create one in your office.
  • Take a photo of your client with his/her permission and have him/her sign a release letter
  • Take a video of your client with his/her permission and have him/her sign a release letter

Once you got all the necessary information, you can now proceed in writing a story about the client’s case.  Here are the steps on how to do it.

Steps How to Create a Story

  1. Copy your client’s Google Review into Microsoft Word.
  2. Add/insert your client’s photo.  Make sure the photo is positioned properly.
  3. Upload your client’s video on your YouTube channel.  Make sure you optimize your video post as much as possible by using the right keywords.  Don’t forget to put a personal touch at the description area.
  4. Make sure you added the personal information of your client.  But, in case he/she prefers not to have his/her name publicize, then you can just create an alias

5. Don’t forget to also add your client’s injury details in the description area.